Counselling couples and donors for oocyte donation

Updated on January 19, 2022

Medicine has reached incredible heights nowadays and can even cope with a terrible diagnosis of infertility.

Medicine has reached incredible heights nowadays and can even cope with a terrible diagnosis of infertility. Many couples around the world suffer from this diagnosis and dream of having their own child. Today, there is an opportunity to overcome infertility thanks to donors of oocytes and sperm.

Who is an oocyte donor?

A donor of oocytes or, in other words, of an egg, is a woman of childbearing age who leads a healthy lifestyle, has her own baby and is guided by a desire to help a childless couple fulfill their dream of a child and experience the joys of parenthood. An egg donation program allows you to safely get the eggs from the donor, after which they will be sent to the laboratory, where they will be fertilized and transferred to the uterus of a female recipient.

Who is a female recipient? 

A female recipient is a woman who is not able to become pregnant on her own. There are many reasons for this; it can be a congenital defect in the reproductive system of organs, or later acquired surgical intervention, diseases, or as a result of the early onset of menopause. But such a woman has the opportunity to independently bear a baby after using a donor egg. Also, many women who have the gene for serious diseases need to use a donor because after this the risk of gene transfer disappears, and a baby is born healthy.

Who can become an egg donor?

Each clinic has its own requirements for egg donors. But there are a couple of common, immutable requirements. It is necessary that a woman’s age is from 20 to 30 years, this age is recommended for pregnancy, since eggs are of high quality. Also, donors do not accept overweight women, because it affects the body, as well as smoking, drug use or excessive alcohol consumption that is also prohibited for donors.

What is the cost of an oocyte donation service?

You receive material compensation for completing the donation procedure. Depending on the number of eggs received and their quality, a woman can get 300-600 dollars.

How can I become a donor? 

Egg donation in Ukraine is fully permitted by law. Therefore, if you are guided by the desire to become an oocyte donor and help a childless couple, then you should contact a surrogacy clinic or leave a request on the site. However, it’s recommended that you undergo a therapy session first; an online couples therapy session would work as well. After that, a client manager will contact you, answer all your questions and give a brief consultation on the oocyte donation program. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and provide a recent photo. Your photo is necessary for a comfortable selection of the recipients’ appearance. Remember that all your data will be kept in confidentiality.

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