Corporate Social Responsibility & Online Safety

Updated on August 20, 2021

By Center for Cyber Safety and Education

Business today should be about more than just making a profit. As a global pandemic, climate change, economic inequality and other significant issues affect communities worldwide, purpose-driven companies contribute to the greater good through corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

If you’re wondering what your company can do to make a difference, the Center for Cyber Safety and Education offers the following programs that allow your company to influence positive change.

Cyber Safety Day Event Sponsorships 

According to our recent study, 90 percent of kids have web-connected devices, which they use to spend time on apps, social media platforms, chat rooms, online games, etc. The study has also shown that 40 percent of kids have chatted online with a stranger! This indicates that children don’t know innately how to be safe online. They are at risk of disclosing personal data, cyberbullying, spyware, viruses and unsuitable content, among other things. 

Our mission is to help kids learn how to properly use the internet and stay out of trouble. Over the course of a fun one-day event, corporate sponsors  underwrite the cost of a community-wide event for elementary schools—reaching literally tens of thousands of students!—to celebrate Cyber Safety Days, ensuring public elementary children receive skills to become responsible digital citizens with Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures.


Our ongoing, yearlong Garfield Adopt-a-School program is the most popular choice among companies looking to expand their community outreach! Since most schools do not have funds for internet safety educational resources, your company can now “adopt” an elementary school by funding the cost of the Garfield Cyber Safety program. We match generous companies with schools that otherwise wouldn’t receive digital citizenship education. With this initiative, your adopted school can receive cyber safety educational materials for FREE. 

Your company can make an immediate and bold difference in your community, too. Everyone will tell you that it is the “right thing to do” and “it feels good to give back.” But did you know that the Adopt-a-School initiative can show a long-term return on your investment? Your direct involvement in a school will help provide the Garfield program to hundreds of children who otherwise wouldn’t receive digital citizenship education. 

All U.S.-based elementary schools can register HERE to be considered for this initiative, while all companies that are tech-driven, community-focused and ready to make a difference can register HERE. Be a local hero today!

Other Initiatives

However, these are not the only programs we offer to corporations. With Garfield’s S.A.F.E. Program, corporate partners who want to be visible and available to students and families can advocate for digital health and wellness, connect with students and get to be at the forefront of cyber safety education. 

We also have other programs and corporate partner initiatives that make it fun and simple to give back, such as Take Your Child to Work DayEmployee Volunteer Program or Digital Health and Wellness Employee Benefit.

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