Corazon and the Society for Cardiovasuclar Angiography and Interventions Announce Partnership

Updated on May 26, 2023

Corazon, Inc., the national leader in program development for the Heart, Vascular, Neuroscience, Spine, Orthopedic, and Surgical specialties announced a formal partnership with the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography & Interventions (SCAI), the only professional medical society in the U.S. dedicated solely to interventional cardiology. Through this agreement, Corazon officially becomes SCAI’s preferred cardiovascular accrediting body of choice. Furthermore, Corazon Accreditation standards and processes are reviewed and endorsed by SCAI’s renowned physician leaders, thus offering cardiovascular programs the most comprehensive and trusted third-party quality oversight in the U.S. market to date. 

Corazon Inc.’s President & CEO Karen Hartman stated, “Corazon’s partnership with SCAI serves as a seal of approval to our long-standing best practices. We could not be more excited to have Interventional Cardiology’s leading medical society join us on our journey of ensuring excellent patient care and outcomes for the clients that we serve. We firmly believe that regardless of whether you are in a state that requires accreditation or not, Corazon’s SCAI-approved process and standards will make a quantifiable difference for your program in terms of patient outcomes and finances.”

“Corazon, Inc.’s reputation as a trusted and proven body within the cardiovascular space has long been established,” said Sunil V. Rao, President of SCAI. “SCAI is excited to collaborate directly with the Corazon Accreditation Team as we continue our dedication to high quality lifesaving medical care for patients with cardiovascular diseases across the country.”

Together, Corazon and SCAI will usher in a new era of quality oversight for interventional cardiology programs, regardless of the setting of care. Rapid growth within the ambulatory sector is a key consideration for cardiology programs across the country, and Corazon’s SCAI-endorsed accreditation is uniquely positioned to assure adherence to local and national guidelines. Of note, Corazon offers accreditation services for Cath/PCI, Chest Pain Center, Electrophysiology, TAVR, PVI, and Open-Heart Surgery programs. 

“SCAI and Corazon’s newfound partnership will foster open communication, access to physician-approved dashboards, and will ultimately make for more efficient, effective, and high-quality programs, making the accreditation process more streamlined.” says Dr. Rao. 

“Improved outcomes backed by the nation’s best deserves to be at the top of mind for any program,” says Hartman. 

About Corazon, Inc: Corazon is the national leader in program development for the Heart, Vascular, Neuroscience, Spine, and Orthopedic, and Surgical specialties, offering a full continuum of Consulting, Recruitment, Interim Management, Peer Review, and Accreditation.  We provide the strategic, clinical, operational, market, and financial expertise necessary to develop a truly outstanding specialty program.  For more information, visit

About SCAI: The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography & Interventions (SCAI) is a nonprofit professional association with over 4,500 members representing interventional cardiologists and cardiac catheterization teams in the United States. SCAI promotes excellence in interventional cardiovascular medicine for both adults and children through education, representation, and the advancement of quality standards to enhance patient care. Follow @SCAI on Twitter for the latest heart health news. 

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