Coping With The Challenges Of Caring For An Incapacitated Loved One

Updated on August 14, 2020

Life is not always fair, and many people find themselves in the position of caring for a loved one. Be it because of age or accident, the task of caring for someone is a more significant challenge than most would imagine. While some accidents can be avoided, there are instances where the victim of an accident caused by negligence is rightfully entitled to compensation. If your loved one was involved in an accident that caused a cognitive disability, you could benefit from seeking financial aid and contacting a brain injury attorney.

Legal Recourse

Depending on how your loved one was incapacitated, there may be legal recourse that could help ease the financial burden. There are numerous ways about this. Usually, if a company is to blame, they will try to settle in arbitration. You must have trustworthy legal representation present to advise you as to whether any offer of settlement is a fair measure of compensation.

Unemployment Funds And Income Protection

Aside from legal action, you must be aware of any cover that your loved one may have in place. An income protector can go a long way in subsidising the medical cost, and unemployment funds assist in covering a few bases as well. What is critically important is that you keep records of how any such money was spent. It is unethical and in some cases criminal to misuse funds intended for a disabled person.

Power Of Attorney

The primary caretaker must have power of attorney. Any debate in the family about who should have decision making power is uncertain. The deciding factor should be the immediacy of the agency. In other words, the person with the most immediate presence in the affected person’s life. Again ethical responsibilities are incredibly important. Acting in such a way as does not benefit the person in question may even result in criminal charges.

A Reliable Support System

The previous points may seem somewhat impersonal, perhaps even a bit cold. The fact of the matter is that also though one would undertake the responsibility to care for a loved one as an act of love and kindness, it can be an extremely challenging ordeal. The emotional impact is far more visceral than the mere practicalities that one must consider. It can be heartbreaking to see someone you care for being entirely debilitated, and it is essential to take steps to help you deal with the trauma inherent in this sort of situation. You should undoubtedly seek therapy to assist your loved one in coping with the position you are in.

Activities And Ways To Cultivate A Meaningful Life 

You will also need to find a way to create not only structure but methods for said loved one to interact with the world in a meaningful way. Suitable activities could come in the form of weekly visits to a park, or even organised social get-togethers. It is crucial for anyone to feel that they still have a place in society. Seclusion may seem more straightforward, perhaps even kinder, but it is rarely the right approach to take.

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