Cool, Unique, and Useful Designs for Bongs

Updated on June 16, 2022

Bongs, known as water pipes, have ice or water filtering systems and are used to smoke herbal substances like tobacco and cannabis. Bongs filter your smoke, making it smoother to inhale. They pass the smoke through one or more chambers, often filled with water or sometimes ice. They usually feature a bowl in the bong’s base that holds your herbs or flowers. Once lit, the smoke will flow through the bong before inhaling it. 

No cannabis expert’s collection is complete without a valued piece of ceramic or glass bong. As more people discover the benefits of smoking using a bong, manufacturers are rising to the occasion, creating a wide selection of cool, unique, and useful bongs. As a result, bongs are now more gorgeous than ever, with cannabis companies transforming them into works of art. We’ve chosen our favorites and compiled this list of unique designs for bongs.

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Add a Personalized Touch to Your Bong

There are many incredible options on the market, but some people want to personalize their beloved bong. If you’re one of those people, start by going online and searching for various ways how to paint your bong to learn how you can personalize your bong and make it extraordinary. You should note that ceramic is the best material for painting. 

So, all you need is your simple ceramic bong, water-based paints, paint brushes, and access to the oven. Of course, you’ll use non-toxic paint, but it’s a good idea not to paint inside the bong. First, thoroughly wipe the surface with a brush and soap to remove stains and debris. Then do your magic with the paint brushes. For example, if you want an interesting galaxy design for your bong, choose colors that complement your desired design. After that, let it dry for an hour, and your improved bong is ready for baking.    

Beaker Bongs 

A beaker bong resembles a scientific beaker used in chemical labs. The beaker bongs are similar to the straight-tube bongs, except that they feature a broad base for stability and a huge chamber for larger hits. In addition, the bottom is flared into a cone form that resembles a beaker. Because of their broader base, beaker bongs are more stable than straight-tube bongs. 

However, the smoking procedure is the same – you should add water, and cannabis, light it and be ready to enjoy. These types of bongs are the most popular and widely used due to their simple design and ease of usage. 

Multi-Chamber Bongs 

These bongs are sometimes known as recycler bongs. They’re a type of straight-tube bong, although their chamber can come in different shapes. The straight tube is divided into two chambers joined by a tube or third chamber. Recycler bongs recycle the water as you take a hit from the mouthpiece through different, linked chambers. 

Because the top and lower chambers contain water, the smoke is continually filtered to deliver smoother effects. This creates considerably smoother smoke than a beaker or straight-tube bong. This type of bong is popular due to its cooling power. However, the elaborate designs make cleaning these bongs considerably more difficult.

Percolator Bongs

These are also known as bubbler bongs. They can be round-base, beaker-shaped, straight-tube, or any other design you can imagine. Containing a percolator is what makes them unique. The percolator is made of glass that dissipates smoke before it goes through the water, causing the bong to bubble. A percolator cools down the smoke, providing premium filtration. 

All percolators offer an extra layer of filtering, resulting in a far more pleasurable and smooth smoking experience, achieved in different ways. They also add a unique aesthetic touch to each bong. There are several varieties of percolators, each with a somewhat different impact. Honeycomb, tree, turbine, showerhead, and spiral percolators are some of the most prevalent percolator designs.

Themed Bongs

Themed bongs are bongs that are designed to resemble something else. They’re one-of-a-kind and elaborately designed to resemble characters, food, animals, or everyday household things; a bong shaped like a heart, a unicorn-shaped bong, or an intricate snake water pipe.

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Wrapping up        

Cannabis usage is all about having fun. So, we recommend testing all of the bongs we’ve covered above. You’ll have a good time doing it and find the bong that satisfies all your needs in the process. As you can see, there are many designs you can choose from. Of course, the perfect bong for you depends on your smoking preferences. Even if you decide to have a simpler bong, don’t forget that you can paint it and add a personalized touch. 

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