Connecting Healthcare Surgeons & EEG Technologists with Critical Technology: Mercy Ships & Integris Neuro  

Updated on June 11, 2024
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From surgeons operating off the coast of Africa, to EEG technologists monitoring brain activity in critical care patients, healthcare providers regularly rely on the technology that keeps them connected and allows them to care for patients in need.  

For Texas-based Mercy Ships – operator of two of the largest non-governmental hospital ships in the world off the coast of Africa, the Global Mercy and the Africa Mercy – this means keeping on-board caregivers constantly connected to IT personnel and pathology consultants in the U.S. 

Mercy Ships’ vessels are filled with state-of-the-art medical equipment and a volunteer crew of medical staff, teachers and caregivers. Each year, more than 3,000 volunteer professionals from over 60 countries serve on board the ships. 

In order to keep everyone connected, the international charity needed a remote solution that offers instant, secure access while being fully compliant with healthcare regulations. As the ships operate in low-bandwidth areas, they face additional challenges to ensure that on-board staff remain connected.

By working with TeamViewer, Mercy Ships is bridging the technological gap and helping their remote staff support medical and operational personnel on board the ships. A key example of this is when a doctor on a Mercy Ship biopsies a patient’s tumor, they place it in a slide and share it with a pathology consultant in the U.S. for review. As Mercy Ships doctors can only operate on non-cancerous tumors, it’s an essential step before a life-changing surgery can begin.  

“When dealing with surgery, speed and efficiency are of the utmost importance. Our remote connectivity solution allows us to quickly determine whether we can operate on a patient and get them the help they need right away,” said Stuart Clear, Service Delivery Manager at Mercy Ships. 

In addition to supporting the operations team, TeamViewer also helps Mercy Ships’ medical staff access their medical supplies dispensing system, which holds all the ship’s medical equipment. Medical staff sign in to manage these systems remotely from North America and dispense what is needed for a given operation or procedure.

By using a single sign-on solution, the Mercy Ships’ IT team also has more confidence in their ability to prevent unauthorized users from backdoor access. 

Their remote connectivity solution is critical in supporting Mercy Ships’ operations and medical staff. Being able to remote in to resolve an IT issue, dispense medical supplies or determine the viability of surgery has saved Mercy Ships both time, effort and costs by resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

For Integris Neuro, remote connectivity is equally as critical, but for a different type of patient: those in need of constant electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring. 

Integris Neuro specializes in long-term video ambulatory EEGs conducted in outpatient clinics or at a patient’s residence, and continuous EEG monitoring of hospital inpatients in critical care or Epilepsy monitoring units. 

The company works with TeamViewer to ensure its technicians are securely connected and able to provide instantaneous data monitoring and immediate identification of abnormal brain activity to allow medical professionals to intervene promptly with appropriate treatments. 

“We now have a nationwide network of top-tier technologists, spanning from California to Florida and from Connecticut to Utah,” said Steven Estes, President/CEO, Integris Neuro. “This expansive reach ensures continuous, high-quality patient monitoring around the clock, with seamless handoffs between our skilled professionals. Without this solution, we’d be limited to a local talent pool, but now we recruit the best from coast to coast. It’s not just a tool for us—it’s the backbone of our operations, enabling us to provide exceptional care to every patient, every time.”

From taking the IT burden off the already full plates of Mercy Ships’ volunteers and staff so they can focus on providing life-changing and saving surgeries and procedures to allowing EEG technicians immediate and secure access to patients in need, remote connectivity is critical – and in some cases, life-changing – in a variety of healthcare settings. 

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