Complete Health Partners with Relatient to Improve Patient Access and Speed Care Delivery

Updated on December 14, 2023

Complete Health, a leading value-based primary care group, has partnered with intelligent patient scheduling platform, Relatient, to expand patient access and accelerate care delivery. The multi-year partnership will provide Complete Health’s patients with self-scheduling tools and chat functionality, while also centralizing scheduling workflows across the organization’s 20-plus locations. The new functionality will allow patients to conveniently and quickly connect with the organization and ease onboarding and appointment scheduling for Complete Health’s staff. 

Recognized by the NCQA for its patient-centered medical home delivery model focused on quality outcomes, Complete Health has grown quickly from one to 24 locations in the last five years. In tandem with this impressive growth, scheduling processes have become increasingly complex. The organization schedules over 258,000 appointments annually across its locations, yet provider preferences and rules have been historically managed by staff in multiple, offline resources such as notepads, spreadsheets and sticky notes. Through an API interface with Complete Health’s practice management system, Relatient’s Dash platform will automate the management of provider preferences to enable a guided, simplified scheduling experience for Complete Health’s patients and staff.

“Innovative technology is at the heart of Complete Health’s patient-centered model. Our work with Relatient will help us further meet the needs of our communities, while the providers we support and Complete Health staff will reap the benefits of more modern workflows as partners in patient care,” said Dr. John Farley, Chief Medical Officer at Complete Health.  “Regardless of location or time of day, patients must be able to reach us quickly and experience a faster, high-quality care experience at their convenience. We’re excited to be able to offer our patients even more ways to do just that.”

The automated self-scheduling tool will allow patients to schedule appointments at any time — even after-hours or on weekends. In addition to the convenience of self-scheduling, the new optimized scheduling process will shorten hold and wait times for patients, allowing them to be seen more quickly by their providers.

The online chat capabilities will further empower patients to ask questions, connect with the right staff member at the organization regarding a specific condition, or reschedule or cancel appointments at their own convenience.

By providing patients with more access points to the organization, Complete Health expects to divert unnecessary trips to the emergency room, which can drastically increase patient care costs.”Complete Health maintains a tremendous commitment to providing patients maximum access in the most convenient, effective and efficient ways,” said Jeff Gartland, CEO of Relatient. “Relatient’s Dash platform is built for organizations like Complete Health that are dedicated to advancing stellar care delivery and understand the value of consumer satisfaction, especially when it comes to value-based care.”Along with an improved patient experience and expedited care, Relatient’s tools will alleviate strain on the organization’s 1,000 staff members. Onboarding will become much faster as Complete Health eliminates manual, paper-based scheduling processes, and providers will benefit from a more balanced daily schedule and improved utilization. Relatient’s suite of tools will enable these positive outcomes across existing locations, and at new clinics as Complete Health continues to grow and scale.

About Complete Health
Complete Health is a physician-driven, professionally managed, technology-enabled primary care group delivering excellent quality support services and patient health outcomes. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Complete Health has primary care clinics in metro Birmingham, Alabama, metro Daytona, Florida, and Richmond, Virginia, with growth plans across the Southeast. Complete Health builds on existing practices to embrace value-based care concepts, reduce physician administrative burden, and focus on patient care and quality outcomes – all while lowering the total cost of care. For more information about Complete Health, visit

About Relatient, Inc.
Relatient, Inc., is the leading intelligent patient scheduling and engagement technology company that utilizes a data-led approach to improving access to care. Integrating with all leading EHR/PM systems, Relatient engages with over 50 million unique patients per year on behalf of provider groups and health systems across the U.S. Relatient’s intelligent self-scheduling, patient messaging, chat, digital registration and payment solutions drive operational efficiency, increased appointments, reduced no-shows, faster patient payments and improved patient satisfaction, all while supporting better health and care quality initiatives. For more information, visit:

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