Comparing the Cost of Going to the Dentist in Different Countries

Updated on October 5, 2020

The number of people who seek dental treatment abroad increases with each passing year. The main reason why they do so is to find cheaper options than those offered in their countries. In countries such as Mexico, Poland, and Hungary, dental treatment is much lower compared to countries such as the US and UK. 

Even so, the amount of money that you can save by traveling abroad for treatment depends on the type of dental procedure you are seeking. Some procedures could reduce your treatment bill by half, while others could save you much more than that. 

In the US, the cost of getting a root canal procedure can be as high as $2,000 in the US – the same procedure costs $495 in Mexico and $440 in a country like El Salvador. In the UK, you’ll need to part with £200 for every root that is treated. That same process costs £40 per root in Latvia, and is even less costly in Serbia. Due to these pricing disparities, it is important to compare the cost of going to the dentist differently to get a good deal. But, how do you begin comparing dental treatment costs? 

Below we discuss what you need to consider when comparing the dental costs for getting treatment abroad and why it’s important. 

The Starting Point

If you’re planning to get dental treatment, the first thing you need to do is to pay your home dentist a visit and get a full assessment done. The assessment will give you an idea of the kind of treatment you need. Once you know the kind of treatment you need, go online and search for dental clinics in different countries. 

Identify several clinics in different countries and ask them for a quote. This enables you to compare prices, the convenience that the clinics offer you, and the interest that you have in visiting the country where they are located.

Costs to Consider

Besides the direct costs associated with treatment, you’ll need to add flight, insurance, and accommodation costs for yourself and any other person who might be accompanying you. Your treatment budget should also include the cost of airport transfers, time away from work, and the meals that you’ll take during the trip. 

There are top dental clinics that offer an all-inclusive package that may include extras like airport transfers, but this is not a norm. If you get such a clinic, find out whether the staff there can help you get a special offer in local hotels. Note that some dental treatment procedures take multiple sessions – some spread over several weeks to facilitate healing. 

This could mean paying for multiple flights, meals, and accommodation. On the other hand, some procedures just require a short, single visit and can easily be incorporated in holiday trips without disrupting holiday programs too much. If your treatment falls in the latter category, you’ll not incur additional costs to your travel or accommodation budget if you’re traveling for vacation or for work purposes. 

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Asian young dentists are explaining about the dental root treatment of patients in the office.

Comparison Factors

When comparing the cost of dental treatment in different countries, there are several factors you need to consider. Here are three things you need to pay attention to: 

Cost of Extras

While most dental clinics readily give a full breakdown of dental procedure costs, some only generate appealing headline prices that omit prices for extras like X-rays, anesthetics, imaging and materials. For an accurate comparison, ensure that you’re using quotations that contain prices for the same service and extras whenever you’re comparing dental costs. 

Cost of Eventualities

The cost of fixing a dental problem can be extremely high. It could mean additional travel, meals, and accommodation costs. As you compare the cost of getting dental treatment in different countries, it’s important to check who covers the cost if something goes wrong. Insist on getting a written contract that shows the responsibilities of the dental clinic you choose in case of a problem. Go a step further to confirm that the clinic has the necessary insurance cover to cover those costs. 

Patient Guarantee

Most people overlook guarantees, but most dental clinics that attend to international patients offer them. When comparing treatment costs, the details that clinics include in their guarantees can become differentiating factors. Check the duration of the guarantee, what it covers, what it doesn’t cover, and whether it caters for any corrective treatment done in your country. 

Wrapping Up

Dental treatment has advanced significantly in recent years. The cost of procedures varies greatly from one country to another. Comparing costs of dentists in different countries not only enables you to save money, it also allows you to get more value for less. But, like many other things, it is not advisable to always go for the lowest dentist. 

Some dental clinics comprise the quality of services, which puts patients at risk. In such instances, cheaper treatment becomes costly in the long run. Since dental treatment is an extremely competitive industry, clinics within a region tend to charge similar fees. To avoid compromised treatment, keep off clinics that charge much lower prices than the market rate. 

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