Company Sees Every-Growing Demand For COVID Tests: Northshore Clinical Labs

Updated on December 13, 2021

COVID-19 has brought so much havoc along with it that most of the population still wonders if we’ll ever get back to how life used to be. With new variations coming out every other day, one can be forgiven for being a little pessimistic; however, there is some light at the end of the tunnel- testing and vaccinations!

Increased tests and vaccinations are some of the best strategies that we could use to fight the pandemic and get back our lives. Increased tests help relevant authorities understand how the virus spreads, if new variants need to be studied and how we can curtail the spread.

Demand of COVID Tests Not Slowing Down

While taking COVID tests in public hospitals is still a good option, there are various advantages to taking the test in private facilities. For instance, private facilities are equipped with better equipment, dedicated staff, personalized services, and increased testing capabilities.

Northshore Clinical Labs are one of the best clinics you can trust if you are looking to get tested. The high-capacity laboratory based in Chicago helps support COVID-19 testing across the country with a trained team of technicians capable of performing tens of thousands of COVID-19 tests.

Northshore Clinic’s fight against the pandemic

 “We started processing our first Covid samples toward the end of 2020, and from that point on we have not slowed down one bit. Our team has opened countless testing locations and offices to make these tests as accessible as we can. We are working with senators, each and every state for reporting, and sometimes we get called by state officials asking us to deploy a team to stop an outbreak…”says Omar Hussain, CEO Northshore of Clinical.

  • Mass Testing

Northshore Clinical Labs can test many thousands of samples for Covid-19 daily. The facility’s team of dedicated members has managed to perform tens of thousands of daily tests in schools, colleges, churches, corporations, summer camps, and nursing homes. 

The clinic has gone through considerable lengths to ensure that it does its part in the fight against the Covid pandemic.

  • Accurate Tests

Northshore clinic is equipped with top-of-the-art machines that ensure effective testing and accurate results. Covid-19 tests wouldn’t be practical if they weren’t done with the right equipment handled by highly trained professionals. This ensures accurate and dependable results that can be relied on for consistency.

  • Rapid Communication Systems

Accurate results won’t mean a lot if they aren’t communicated on time. For example, a company wants to conduct a meeting, have had their attendees tested, and want the test results before a specific date.

While the company may effectively conduct the tests on time, communication errors or delays could cost the company more time and revenue. Northshore avoids these complications by ensuring that they have a rapid and reliable communication system that they can use to communicate with the tested individuals to communicate their results.

  • Professional Lab Technicians

Professional and accurate lab results often rely on involving professional lab technicians. Having the right equipment and a rapid communication system isn’t helpful if you don’t have highly trained technicians to handle the samples.

As such, Northshore Clinical Labs ensures that they hire the best lab technicians to perform their tests, making sure that results obtained can be relied on for making urgent decisions that can help reduce the spread of Covid-19.


Covid-19 is a devastating pandemic, which is why it’s vital that you get tested by professionals, use the right equipment, and get your results back on time. Led by Omar Hussain, companies like Northshore Clinical Labs will continue to make a positive impact on the public health of the US.

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