Common Damages in Motorcycle Accidents

Updated on January 21, 2020

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause far more damage to your body than other types of vehicle crashes. Your body is extremely open to a variety of injuries that could prove fatal. While you have a right to choose a motorcycle as your vehicle of choice, you’re always more at risk of suffering a significant injury while riding your motorcycle. 

You must always be cautious while driving your motorcycle. However, other drivers aren’t always careful and you may require a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer because of their reckless actions. The common types of damages associated with motorcycle accidents are life-changing to the average person. 

Before seeking compensation, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of motorcycle accident damages you could be owed.

Any Type of Physical or Emotional Damage

Unfortunately, if you’re ever in a motorcycle accident, you’ll more than likely suffer from some type of physical or emotional damage. Because your body is generally vulnerable while riding a motorcycle, you risk breaking bones, impalement, and a variety of other serious injuries. For this reason, you can seek compensation for your medical bills. 

You’re also able to seek compensation for your emotional trauma. Nearly losing your life is a traumatic experience, and you’ll require therapy to emotionally recover from your motorcycle accident. 

Property Damage

Motorcycles aren’t cheap, and the cost of repairs is high. Suddenly having to repair your main method of transportation is something that not a lot of people can afford. Any other valuable items on your person that were damaged are also eligible for compensation. You work extremely hard for your property; when someone damages it, you deserve compensation.

Lost Wages 

Depending on the severity of your damages, you risk missing work while you’re in recovery. Some jobs aren’t as compassionate as others and may even fire you for your lost time. Even if your job is understanding of your situation, you’re still losing out on precious hours. If your lifestyle requires a strict budget of a certain amount of income, your motorcycle accident could impact your way of life. Whenever you suffer from lost wages, you’re able to seek compensation for your lost income. There is no set amount for every situation, but you’re able to win fair compensation for your damages.

Permanent Damage/Scarring

Sometimes, injuries are permanent. Whenever you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from a lifelong injury, you’re able to obtain compensation for your suffering. Again, there is no set amount for the potential compensation you can receive, but you should always strive for a fair amount.

Damages like permanent scarring across your face or permanent limb loss are eligible for further compensation. 

Caregiving Services 

If your damages are permanent, you’ll require constant monitoring and assistance. Simple acts like using the restroom become difficult tasks. Caregiving services are not cheap, and, depending on your situation, your medical needs can quickly become a huge burden. You deserve proper compensation for the expenses associated with caregiving services after a serious motorcycle accident.

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