Chocolate meet Hemp, Hemp meet Chocolate! A Marriage that all will Love.

Updated on June 23, 2021

I can tell you that no one is more enthusiastic about chocolate than me. I have been sampling and reviewing chocolate throughout my life. From when I was young until today, I have sampled some of the best chocolate available to the market . I have compared Hersheys to Cadbury. I have gone from milk chocolate to bitter sweet dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao. I have tried belgian shells like Guylian and been to Max Brenner in Tel Aviv,  A famous chocolate cafe. 

From this perspective, I feel qualified enough to be able to review and give my confectionary experience and opinion in a new and interesting product. This product has been made by Melt, a british chocolate company and Dr Watson, an american company specializing in the production of Hemp. 

With the decriminalization of Marijuana, all products derived from it are in high demand. Edibles have long been a permanent feature of the marijuana scene, and coffeeshops in Amsterdam have always had a loyal customer base. 

This edible experience is now available to buy online, and is known as CBD Hemp Chocolate.

The advantages of Edibles

You may be asking yourself, why Edibles? Edibles are such a great and easy alternative to smoking weed such that its convenience can not be overstated. Firstly, the long term negative health consequences of smoking are known without question. The harmful effects of inhalation for some are just too much. 

But the beneficial effects of marijuana and how it can complement any casual social scene no longer have to be limited to those who know how to smoke. Consumption of hemp can be safe and easy. 

To me, hemp chocolate will be the epitome of cool. The smoking of Marijuana will be set aside for a safer and more confectionary experience. But the experience has to be a good and palatable one. If it’s worth doing something, it’s worth doing it well, and eating hemp chocolate should be no exception.

Why Dr Watson’s is better

Dr Watson’s hemp chocolate is great from two perspectives. One from the perspective of quality hemp and the second from the perspective of quality chocolate. All of Dr Watson’s marijuana is grown along the Georgian coastal plain. It is overseen with the best agricultural methods and its CBD is derived in the company’s own specialised laboratories. This means one thing, that the Hemp used is pure and of a high quality. The bar contains over 400mg of CBD and CBG. Both are chemical compounds found within Hemp and provide a calming, almost medicinal effect.

The chocolate itself is provided by Melt. Melt are a gourmet chocolatier and provides the market with a whole range of quality products. One of the great products that Melt has and has brought to the table with Hemp is that it is Vegan. 

That’s correct, Dr Watson’s Hemp chocolate is suitable for Vegans and those who choose not to have dairy in their diet. Another key feature of the chocolate is that it has a low sugar content. This is a must for those who are trying to reduce their sugar intake. But there is another benefit as well. It is a well known fact in chocolate lover circles, that sweet chocolate reduces the ability to appreciate the subtlety of the cocoa itself. 

Many aficionados like myself, know that a low sugar content makes a better and more sophisticated chocolate. Dr Watson’s hemp chocolate is special in that respect. 

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