Chiropractic treatments used to cure spinal subluxations

Updated on August 6, 2020

Currently, the term “subluxation” is a buzzword in chiropractic treatment. Simply put, subluxations refer to a joint that refrains from working in its usual way. At times, the joint can get misaligned as well. When a subluxation occurs, it can result in pain, numbness, burning sensation, and tingling in a particular part of the body.  

The majority of people experience joint issues in the vertebrae, which is known as a spinal subluxation. Chiropractors can check patients suffering from this ailment and help to relieve the symptoms through various treatments. But there are other areas as well, where people experience subluxations such as wrists, feet, ribs, and shoulders.

The chiropractic treatments

When a person suffers from subluxations, the chiropractors use treatment procedures that will relieve the discomfort, mobilize the area, and move freely. Treatments that get used for spinal subluxations get termed as spinal adjustments and manipulation techniques.  

During the treatment, a chiropractor works to free the vertebrae from various misalignments and bring it back to the proper position. When the procedure is over, the body starts to heal and regain its homeostasis position.

The expert chiropractors know multiple spinal manipulation techniques. Some processes require using specialized instruments, and others can get done with the hand. Every patient is different, and the chiropractor tries to address each case with precision and the best treatment possible. The standard chiropractic spinal adjustment techniques are:

  • Toggle Drop

Here the chiropractor crosses the hand and presses it firmly on a specific spine area. And then, with a precise and quick thrust, the chiropractor adjusts the spine. It gets done for enhancing the vertebrae joint mobility. 

  • Lumbar Roll

The patient gets positioned on the side, and the chiropractor applies a thrust on the concerned vertebrae.

  • Table adjustment

The patient needs to lie on a specialized table that has a drop piece. Then the chiropractor gives a quick thrust, and that makes the table drop. The table drop leads to a lighter spinal adjustment refraining any twisting position during the manual adjustment.

  • Motion palpation

This technique gets done using hands. It allows the chiropractor to decide if the vertebrae aremoving effortlessly at an average pace.

  • Instrument adjustment

It is one of the gentle chiropractic treatments used on the spine. Here the patient should lie on the table with his or her face down. The chiropractor makes use of a string activator for making all the adjustments. 

  • Release work

Here the chiropractor applies mild pressure making use of his or her fingertips for separate the vertebrae. The objective is to determine the misalignment and correct the same, ensuring postural correction and pain release.

  • Manipulation using anesthesia

This treatment process is also called the twilight sedation. It gets performed by an expert chiropractor medically certified in the process. Usually, the treatment takes place in a hospital under anesthesia. Chiropractors use this treatment when all other conventional spinal adjustment tactics have failed.

Do you want to know the treatment applicable to you? If yes, you need to get in touch with an expert chiropractor who can detect your spinal problem and suggest the best remedy. Browse online and research before you join hands with an expert chiropractor.

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