Child Development Facts: Crucial Things To Know

Updated on January 7, 2022

The process of child development includes changes that take place when a child develops and grows, involving the mental and physical health. The first 5-years of the child’s life is highly important. They stand out as the child’s foundation, which shape their learning achievements such as school, and other factors like happiness, development, and health. The first three years of child development is also pretty crucial. It’s because the brain creates intricate neural pathways at an unparalleled speed. Proper development in a child is important as it will also lessen rare genetic diseases from occurring and keep the child healthy and fit. 

Understanding the importance of child development

Child Development stands out as a period full of opportunities and vulnerabilities. Multiple children out there cannot effectuate their full potential because of the unfavorable circumstances within their surroundings. Factors, such as stress, low nutrition, limited stimulation, environmental contagions and unstable caregiving hurts the development of a child. 

To prevent such things from happening, global health organizations have recognized the importance of child development. They have also shifted their concentration to highlight that surviving is not enough for the child, as they also need to thrive. When children receive the support to thrive, you will have transformational and long-term changes within your society. 

 Ways you can support a healthy child development

One of the most crucial factors of child development is that children receive nurturing care. With nurturing care, the child’s surrounding is focused on the requirements on social interactions, health, safety, needs and emotions. There are several ways through which you can support healthy child development. Look below!

  1. Opportunities for early learning: Learning is said to begin right from birth. Early learning will enable the child to develop motor coordination, learning potential, social competence, and resilience. All the opportunities for early learning are promoted through stimulation, playing and communication from other adults and children. 
  2. Responsive caregiving: Response and observations towards a child’s emotional, physical, and psychological requirements are highly essential. This is because it plays a crucial role within a child’s social relationships, health and learning. 
  3. Excellent health: When it comes to encouraging good health, parents should keep their child safe from environmental and household dangers. They should also opt for good hygiene practices, and use curative, promotive and preventive healthcare services. Parents must protect their child’s emotional state by responding appropriately and affectionately to all their child’s requirements. 
  4. Safety and security: Children are vulnerable to plenty of threats and dangers within an environment. When children are not made to feel safe and secure by their parents, they will act fearful of others and withdraw socially. That is why parents need to make sure that their child feels safe and keep them protected from unwanted risks and issues. 

Last words

The physical, emotional and social development of young children has a direct impact on their overall health. The parents need to have a good understanding of child development. Doing so will enable them to know what to expect and how they can support their child through the process of development and growth. You can continue reading for more information.

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