Child Custody Poses Problems for Shakira and Pique

Updated on September 27, 2022

After 11 years of spending their lives together, Shakira and Gerard Pique have announced their separation. There were rumors about their separation before that as well, but an official joint statement came on June 4th, with the request that their privacy is respected for the sake of their children.

Shakira and Pique met in 2010, before the World Cup that took place in Africa. The star of FC Barcelona appeared in Shakira’s song, Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), which became the official song for the FIFA World Cup in 2010. Their relationship was only confirmed in March 2011.

Couple Life and Children

Shakira and Pique have two children. Their first son, Millan, came into the world in January 2013 – two years after their relationship was officially confirmed. Two years later, Shakira once more became pregnant. In 2015, their second son, Sasha, was born – also in January.

Throughout the years, Shakira has only shown small glimpses of her life with her children and Pique – overall being a fairly private person. On Valentine’s Day in 2022, she posted a picture with Pique in order to celebrate the occasion. On Mother’s day, she also posted a photo with her two sons, both kissing Shakira on her cheeks.

During numerous interviews, such as the one given to Cosmopolitan, she talked about her philosophies when it came to parenting. Shakira described herself as a “helicopter mom” and a “tiger mom” with a producer side, focusing on the upbringing of her children. She admitted that she often had issues keeping the “producer” under control, which Pique managed to balance out. 

Separation with Children

Shakira and Pique never got married, which posed one less legal problem to deal with. Neither of them wished to get married, because they enjoyed their boyfriend/girlfriend status, without all the legal stress. It was also something that kept them on their toes, preventing the monotony of married life. 

Attorneys agree the biggest problem posed by a celebrity separation (depending on the state) is the possibility of divorce. For instance, in the state of Tennessee, a legal separation is required for 5 months before filing for a divorce.

According to Springfield child custody attorneys, this is for the benefit of the children. Even if the same law does not apply in Barcelona, in high-profile cases such as theirs, legal separation would be a necessary step before going through a divorce. This could have taken more time, which can be inconvenient, considering the paths that both partners wish to take.

The couple is not married, but they expressed certain aspects that need to be addressed after the separation. While both parties said that they do not want any money from each other after the separation, they still wish to obtain rights over the custody of their children.

Separation and Relocation

After news began to travel about their possible separation, it became apparent that Shakira wished to settle in another country, away from Barcelona, where she lived with her children. She wishes to move, and when she does, she wants to do it with her children.

The explanation was that she no longer wishes to remain in Barcelona. Aside from Pique, she had no friends and family there, and she had continuous struggles with the tax authorities. As a result, she no longer saw any reason to remain in Barcelona.

This situation caused a conflict of interest with Pique, as he does not wish to be away from his children. Plus, as the children lived in Barcelona their whole life, relocation could turn their lives upside down. As a result, he does not see the need for that. 

According to magazines, neither of the parties is willing to give up on their children. As a result, if they don’t succeed in reaching an amicable agreement, things may reach an ugly turn in court. Both could sue, which can become a bad custody battle. 

Even though the two of them have become estranged, they still occasionally reunite to support their children. Recently, both of them spent time together in the Czech Republic. They were cheering for their eldest son as he played in one of his basketball tournaments, becoming the second athlete in the family.

The Bottom Line

There’s no saying how the custody battle will turn out. As the events are recent, Shakira and Pique are still likely to come to an amicable agreement. However, if they find no solution, we can expect a custody battle to reach the courtroom in the coming months.

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