CharmHealth Announces CodeRx Hackathon Winners

Updated on March 8, 2024

Sahana Murthy, Sayak Das, Tarun Lakhmani — The Innovisionaries team; first place winners of CharmHealth CodeRx Hackathon

CharmHealth, a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions, today announced the winners of its latest CodeRx Hackathon. Open to anyone who loves to code, 1,393 teams competed to create solutions to revolutionize, reimagine and reshape healthcare. Participants were given specific challenges according to four key themes: Increasing Engagement in Healthcare Questionnaires, Patient Timeline Visualization, Generating Optimal Diagnosis Codes, and Clinical Summary Challenge.

“While technology is essential for healthcare to advance, the innovation behind modern tools is derived from people,” said Pramila Srinivasan, Ph.D., CEO of CharmHealth. “We started our CodeRx Hackathons to tap into the human creativity and understanding that is imperative for successful healthcare solutions.

“CharmHealth seeks to empower as many people as possible to unearth the next big breakthrough,” Srinivasan continued. “You never know what bold ideas lie under the surface, just needing the right prompt to bring them to life. We are very impressed with the quality of submissions we received, which makes us incredibly hopeful for the future.”

The Winner Is …

The CodeRx Hackathon first place winning team was The Innovisionaries, who competed under the Increasing Engagement in Healthcare Questionnaires theme. Their project, entitled MedApt: Mascot-Driven Form Gamification Engine for CharmHealth, sought to revolutionize the way healthcare forms are experienced, making them not just tasks but meaningful interactions that drive better patient outcomes and data insights. The Innovisionaries claimed the $5,000 grand prize. The team’s demo can be viewed here.

“Each problem statement was finely tuned to address the pertinent challenges currently faced within the healthcare industry. We are immensely grateful for the platform provided, enabling us to develop solutions tailored to these challenges and contribute meaningfully to healthcare innovation,” said Tarun Lakhmani, member of The Innovisionaries team. “We extend our gratitude to the CharmHealth team for creating a conducive environment for the discussion, providing feedback, and addressing query resolution.”

Second place — and the $2,500 prize — went to Error Code 705. The team’s project presented a novel electronic health records (EHRs) system interface for the Clinical Summary Challenge theme. The entry, AI-Assisted Clinical Summary for Optimized Healthcare, provided relevant information about a patient’s record organized into separate panels ranging from personal information to medical records, medication history, and medical notes, while improving readability. The functionalities of the panels in the interface allowed for clear organization and a customizable view for each physician.

A project called Panacea – An Intelligent Summarization and Visual Timeline Dashboard captured third place and $1,000. Also for the Clinical Summary Challenge theme, Team PatientSynopsis created an intelligent, compassionate and organized patient dashboard to extract text from all patient reports and scanned images to provide an integrated clinical and diagnostic summary. Panacea enriches that summary with an interactive visual timeline fused with trends of the patients.

Team ThingTank won honorable mention for addressing challenges associated with data lakes.

Supporting the Next Generation of Healthcare Solutions

CharmHealth has an extensive track record of working with entrepreneurs, engineers and healthcare professionals to develop and bring to market innovative solutions that will advance the future of care. The CodeRx Hackathon builds on the success of CharmHealth’s annual Innovation Challenge, an event dedicated to solving healthcare’s most pressing needs.

Founded by physicians and patient-advocates, CharmHealth comprises a team that is passionate about helping patients access the best care possible and helping providers access the best technology to deliver that care. The company offers a suite of award-winning cloud-based clinical, patient communications, and practice management products used by providers worldwide. Learn more at

About CharmHealth

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