Changes in the Insurance Industry During the Pandemic

Updated on June 9, 2021
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According to the Commonwealth Fund Healthcare Poll, over 40% of Americans reported lost health coverage. With unemployment growing, the healthcare industry has been rushing to accommodate the uninsured. 

Health insurance types have adapted their health coverage to a more unpredictable period. Although much hangs in the balance, health insurance companies remain a reliable source of comfort for Americans.

Read on to learn how health insurance has changed to provide crucial support for individuals and communities. 

Dealing With Uncertainty

It’s difficult to measure the full impact on health insurance COVID has made so far because much remains to be seen. Economic shutdowns and rising COVID cases loom large over American society. So there is the promise of more twists and turns to come.  

But healthcare is prepared. Insurance companies have adopted technologies and policies that account for long-term changes.

The age of COVID health insurance is now characterized by speed and sensitivity to help people get through these tough times.  

Health Insurance Types Going Digital 

Social distancing is now the norm. In response, the health insurance industry has taken advantage of virtual formats to cater to as many patients as possible. 

Healthcare providers now offer text message options and virtual sessions to stay in touch with patients.  

Healthcare has also incorporated platforms and services, such as Enrollment 123. This has made the digital transition a smooth process. Providers can now perform digital tasks with efficiency and help patients from a distance. 

Long-Term Forgiveness 

Health insurance has taken a generous approach to help businesses and individuals. This is in spite of the huge blows to the health insurance industry COVID has delivered. After all, everyone needs a second chance when many plans have fallen through.  

Waiving Charges 

Many health insurance providers are forgoing charges on COVID testing and premium payments. They are also refusing to raise rates for 2021 or planning only limited raises. 

These practices are making health insurance more affordable. And Americans can welcome these health insurance changes for the foreseeable future. 

Grace Periods 

To soften the impact of sudden life changes, the health insurance industry offers various forms of grace. If you’ve lost coverage or know you’ll lose coverage within 60 days, you can pick up a new plan through

Other cases may also reward you with ways to insure yourself and your loved ones. This can include kids coming home early from college, for example.  

With various safety valves set in place, the healthcare industry has made insurance during COVID a viable option for many.

Staying the Course 

It can be easy to panic and lose your way during these chaotic times. But the healthcare industry remains a constant source of support. 

Health insurance types have faced unprecedented challenges. Yet they have responded with speedy advancements to maintain and improve essential services. Dwelling on misfortunes isn’t an option, so healthcare has turned its gaze to the future.    

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