Certified Hair Loss Practitioners- Are They Hair Loss Experts?

Updated on September 23, 2022

Have you ever wondered how a certified hair loss practitioner or trichologist can treat hair loss? Read this blog to learn more. 

Have you come across a client that has got a bald spot? Do you see hair thinning in their locs? Unfortunately they may have hair loss. Losing hair is pretty common. In reality, the daily hair loss for an average person is around 100 hair strands. However, people can have a hair loss issue if they aren’t growing back. Both men and women suffer from hair loss and it might be challenging to pinpoint the reason for the hair loss.

Hair loss occurs when hair falls out and is not replaced by new hair. Family background and hormonal changes are common causes of hair loss. The most prevalent cause of hair loss is a hereditary disorder that worsens with age.

What Is Hair Loss Treatment? 

Many men and women are unaware of how to manage their hair loss and where to turn for assistance. Which should they see first, the doctor or the hairdresser? Which medical specialist—a dermatologist, a family doctor, or another—would be the best? If you are aware of the resources available to help you restore your client’s hair average growth, you can help them get the best results as quickly as possible. 

Both Trichologists and dermatologists help with identifying and treatment of people’s scalp issues, including hair loss. Dermatologists are medical experts who focus on treating skin, nails, and hair diseases, while Trichologists specialize in uncovering the root of why hair loss is occurring to build a strategy for recovery. 

When seeking treatment for hair loss from a dermatologist, the scalp may be quickly examined and medications like steroids or antibacterial cream might be prescribed. Even when a dermatologist has effectively treated the hair loss, hair restoration is not always successful since these methods seldom address the root cause of the hair loss.  

More people are using Trichology than ever to improve their scalp and hair health.

A trichologist will likely examine the scalp and hair thoroughly to determine the cause of hair loss. Searching for pustules, pimples, inflammation, miniaturized follicles, scalp fibrosis, lesions will be part of this inspection. As compared to a dermatologist they also offer many more sustainable solutions as a result of pinpointing the underlying cause rather than medicating the symptoms.

Trichologists employ a wide range of hair treatments technologies, some of which include:

  • individualized vitamin and nutritional support 
  • Low laser scalp therapy that aids in energy production 
  • Topical Micro-circulation and oxygenation therapies 
  • Herbal Scalp Elixirs that promote hair growth 

Hair loss specialists often work closely with medical professionals to diagnose and treat their patients’ hair-loss conditions.

How can a certified hair loss practitioner be helpful?

A hair stylist’s primary responsibility is to improve the appearance of hair. But making it healthy from the inside is the trichologist’s responsibility.

Trichologists are experts in hair and scalp care and identify the root causes of common scalp conditions. They begin the procedure by examining the client’s physical state, way of life, and psychological problems. Trichologists are skilled at identifying the underlying cause of a patchy scalp or alopecia and recommending effective (and long-lasting) management techniques.

A trichologist can function as a liaison between their client and a licensed medical professional to address the problem after finding the underlying cause. When the study is finished, and the correct diagnosis has been made, a trichologist can offer topical therapies to support the health of the hair and scalp, such as oxygen therapy, detoxifying procedures, or low-laser light therapy.

What are the main reasons to be a certified hair loss practitioner?

It might be challenging to employ online trichology certification courses at a salon or hair loss clinic because many just offer bits and pieces of information and abstract science. These self paced online courses lack real-life examples from seasoned professionals who help shape the very foundation of trichology.

With a reliable certification program, such as the Certified Functional Trichology programme provided by the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases you will learn the science behind scalp health. Learn the practical techniques from certified hair professionals and absorb their insights to advance your career without taking years to get there.

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