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CBD Products for Pets

The CBD industry has grown significantly over the past year as more myths have been dispelled about the product. When it comes to the research on details surrounding products that include the primary CBD distillate, the positives are overwhelming. More and more people have begun to enjoy the benefits of CBD products, from anxiety and joint pain relief to seizure reduction. Interestingly, there are many benefits of CBD products for dogs and other pets, too. Take a look at some way that furry friends can benefit from CBD products and private label supplements right alongside the humans in their lives. 


Just like in people, CBD can be used to lower anxiety in pets, most commonly in dogs. Many dogs experience jumpiness around loud noises, and in America, the 4th of July in particular tends to cause many problems. Loud thunderstorms can trigger anxious dogs, too. Unfamiliar noises tend to overwhelm dog’s nervous systems and set off the survival instinct to hide. Other dogs may dislike when a home is full of unfamiliar people, like a dinner party or game day. Recently, companies have begun to distill CBD into safe treats that will help calm their stress. 

Similarly, many anxious cats can reap the rewards of CBD oil, too. While dog products most often come in the form of treats, cats are able to receive CBD oil through eyedroppers. Every cat is different, but starting with small doses should result in a cat not being lethargic or sleepy but simply less jumpy or frightened in situations that would normally cause fear. It’s important to note that CBD is safe for pets but THC is not — make sure that any hemp products for pets have been lab-tested and do not include THC. Consult a holistic pet doctor for best practices.


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As pets get older, it can be extremely difficult to see animals suffer. Many older pets experience significant joint pain and seizures, and just like in humans, CBD can help with these aches, pains, and difficulties. There are many different factors that can cause a seizure in a dog: electrolyte problems, a head injury, failures connected to old age, or an adverse reaction to a topical product. If seizures are more common than just frightening one-off occurrences, they may be the result of epilepsy in a pet. Even with veterinary care and proper medication, some dogs still tend to experience seizures. Thankfully, there are research results and current clinical trials that are working towards the best products that include CBD. There are some already on the market, and these options will surely continue to grow as more great options for pets are being found. 

With both cats and dogs, the most important detail lies in the correct dosage. Again, holistic pet doctors are still finding the best ways to use CBD to prevent seizures, but in the meantime, just remember that while CBD is safe for pets, cannabis plants are not. 


For pets with arthritis, post-operational pain or gastrointestinal issues, CBD products will be a great product further down the line. While it’s still too early in the market to confirm the opportunities too far beyond knowing the benefits of anxiety relief, there will surely be many great breakthroughs in the near future. This research really took off after marijuana began to be legalized across individual states in America. With the stigma around cannabis starting to decrease, many companies felt emboldened to dive into research across many different sectors. This led to the significant explosion of CBD products as these benefits started to be more publicized, and it would seem that furry friends are the next frontier. In the meantime, it is best to do research and make sure that the safety of the pet is the primary focus.   

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