Causes of Teen Auto Accidents

Updated on January 22, 2020

Receiving your first car as a teenager is a liberating feeling. You’re finally able to go where you want, whenever you want. Sure, you’re not fully an adult yet, but you’re well on your way to becoming even more independent. While this is a time to create many lifelong memories with your friends, some teenagers have their lives cut short because of avoidable mistakes.

Hopefully, your parents won’t ever require the assistance of a Los Angeles car accident attorney or worse while you’re behind the wheel. To avoid becoming another statistic, you should understand the significant causes of teen auto accidents throughout the country. 

Texting while Driving

Teenagers are psychologically attached to their cellphones, and studies have shown this to be true. Without their phones present, some teens are at a loss as to what actions to take within social settings. Teens are more connected with one another today than previous generations, and the times are different. 

Whether this is a good or bad element within society is a constant debate. However, what isn’t up for debate is the dangers of texting while driving. Countless teen auto injuries and auto deaths are born from teenagers texting and or calling their friends and family while driving. 

No message or call is worth your life, and looking away from the road to your phone can kill you within a millisecond. It doesn’t matter how fast you text; whenever your attention isn’t on the roadway, you’re liable to cause a significant accident. 

Driving while Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol delay your reaction times and leave you virtually useless while on the roadway. Not only is it illegal for teenagers to engage in drug and alcohol abuse, but these reckless actions put all drivers at risk. 

There is nothing cool about driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Despite countless examples of why this is a horrible idea existing for decades, many new teenage drivers continue this horrific trend and pay the ultimate price. 

Some teenagers have to live with the fact of knowing that their intoxicated driving killed their friends. Remember, you feel invincible because of your age, but the decision you make now will

forever impact your life. Do not ruin your bright future by attempting to impress your peers who you may not even speak with after high school ends. 

Peer Pressure 

Following the concept above, peer pressure plays a huge role in many teenage auto accidents. Teenagers are at a vulnerable point in their life where they want to figure out who they are and where they belong. For this reason, many will act out in unusual ways or perform actions that aren’t in their nature. 

In the pursuit of popularity or seeming fearless many teenagers engage in drunk or dangerous driving. Some even have illegal street races that are meant to boost their ego. While everyone is ultimately responsible for their actions, peer pressure does play a significant role in a lot of teenage car accident tragedies.

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