Catfishing in online dating: What is it?

Updated on November 24, 2023

One of the main things you should be aware of when talking to someone new online is catfishing – you can hear it all the time. But what is catfishing in online dating, and how to spot it?

Let’s find out more about catfishing in online dating and its meaning, so you can be well-equipped when detecting it.

What is it?

Catfishing is the clandestine art of assuming a false identity online to deceive others, often within the realm of online dating. It’s a digital masquerade where the catfisher lures unsuspecting individuals into a fabricated reality, creating a web of illusion that goes beyond the mere tweaking of appearances.

Unseen Puppeteer

In the world of online dating, catfishing involves the creation of an alternate persona, a puppet-master who carefully scripts a narrative that may include a different name, photos, job, and even life experiences. The unseen puppeteer pulls the strings, orchestrating an elaborate performance to manipulate emotions.

Deceptive Charades

Catfishing extends beyond appearances. It’s a charade where the catfisher meticulously crafts a personality, weaving tales of success, hardship, or charm to elicit empathy and trust. The victim, unknowingly entangled in this web, finds themselves emotionally invested in a mirage.

Examples of Catfishing Tactics

There are a few popular methods that catfishers use to fool online users and get their benefits. Let’s look closely at some of them.

The Phantom Profile

The catfish creates a profile using stolen or random photos from the internet, accompanied by a fictional name and life story. They meticulously curate details to appeal to a specific target.

The Emotional Conductor

The catfisher excels in manipulating emotions. They might feign vulnerability, sharing tales of hardship or triumph to forge a deep emotional connection, all the while concealing their true identity.

The Web of Lies

Catfishing often involves spinning an intricate web of lies. The catfisher may claim to share hobbies, interests, or life goals, creating a facade that aligns with what they believe their target desires.

Useful Tips to Unmask the Illusion

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can do to find out whether a person you’re talking to is a catfisher or not. You don’t have to use them all at once, but using one or two of them can actually make it way safer for you to date someone on the Internet.

Reverse Image Search

Utilize reverse image search tools to check if the profile pictures are stolen or found elsewhere on the internet. This helps unveil the visual illusion cast by the catfish.

Verification Platforms

Engage with platforms that offer verification services. While not foolproof, they add an extra layer of authentication, helping sift through potential catfish.

Consistency Scrutiny

Pay attention to the consistency of information shared. Catfishers often trip over their own lies, revealing inconsistencies in details, timelines, or anecdotes.

Video Calls

Initiate video calls early in the conversation. A live interaction can dismantle the illusion, exposing the catfisher who relies on static images and fabricated stories.

Trust Your Instincts

If something feels too good to be true or if doubts linger, trust your instincts. Catfishers often create scenarios that seem idealistic, using charm and deception to create an alluring facade.

Catfishing in online dating is the definition of deceit, where the intricacies of the illusion may not unravel until much later. By adopting vigilance and employing these unobvious tactics, individuals can navigate the online dating realm with a discerning eye, unmasking the hidden puppeteers and safeguarding against the siren call of the catfish.

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