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medical doctor holding senior patient's hands and comforting her
Best Practices Senior Care

The Unseen Hardships of Older Adults

Larry Nisenson

The excitement was in the air as my daughter’s college finally announced their make-up graduation plans.  It was long overdue ...

Happy mature couple informing themselves about health insurance while talking to a doctor at clinic.
Best Practices Patient Experience

How Value-based Administration Powers Value-based Care to Benefit All Stakeholders

Lynn Carroll and Rahul Sharma

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) set a goal in 2021 to have 100% of Original Medicare beneficiaries ...

Best Practices Supply Chain

SAP S/4HANA Migration: 5 Best Practices to Ensure Success and Optimize Healthcare Supply Chains

Geoff Coltman

SAP’s 2027 deadline to migrate users from its legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform onto the latest version, S/4HANA, may ...

Young scientist or tech holds liquid biological sample in gloved hands.
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Regulatory Recommendations for Decentralized Clinical Trials: Considerations for Implementation

Neta Bendelac

The last three years have catapulted the prevalence and demand of Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), leaving contract research organizations (CROs) ...

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How Does Medical Debt Affect Your Credit Rating?

David Lim

Medical debt has brought mostly bad news for every American over the past several years. But a recent report from ...