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Dental Care

Radiant Care: How Dental X-Rays Elevate Patient Wellbeing

David Lim

In the evolving world of dentistry, technology has long been a driving force behind enhanced patient care. One such technological ...

Big Data in Healthcare and Its Impact on Patient Care
Clinical Care

New data helps us reimagine how we approach care for each uncontrolled gout patient

John K. Botson M.D., R.Ph., C.C.D.

When it comes to treating patients with chronic diseases, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. A regimen that ...

Clinical Care

The Science And Art Of Empathy In Healthcare: Why It Matters

Dr. Nicole Price

Dr. Nicole Price delves into the intricate world of empathy in healthcare, drawing from the book “Spark the Heart: Engineering ...

Senior Care

Sustainable Facility Design Promotes Healthier Environment for Seniors

Bent Philipson

In senior care, the imperative to balance environmental responsibility with the well-being of our aging population has never been more ...

Vision Care

5 Assistive Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Eye Care for Blind Children

Roland Mattern

Over the last decade, assistive technology has become an increasingly significant tool in the way medical practitioners provide care and ...