Clinical Care

medical doctor holding senior patient's hands and comforting her
Clinical Care

For rural ACOs, new primary care model from CMS offers much-needed financial help

Lynn Carroll and Brian Norris

To provider organizations, the Change Healthcare hack in February was a painful reminder of a lesson learned during the first ...

Two friendly pharmacists working in a drugstore.

The Essence of Team-Based Care in Medication-Enabled Healthcare

Dr. Steven Goldberg

Delivering the best medication-enabled healthcare requires sweating the details. It takes people, process, and tools.” It takes a team! In ...

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as medical network concept
Behavioral Health

Navigating the Intersection of Technology and Humanity in Behavioral Health Care

Sarah Reilly

The temptation to embrace the latest, greatest technologies frequently overshadows the need to preserve the human experience in health care. ...


Walking the Path to Safety: The Impact of Gait Analysis on Fall Rates in Skilled Nursing

Alaina Victoria

Falls represent a significant challenge in the older adult population, particularly within skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). As individuals age, their ...

A doctor putting on blue medical gown with the help of another doctor wearing the same gown inside a hospital room
Clinical Care

Simple Tools Hospitals Need for Patient Care

Healthcare Business Today

Ensuring the comfort and well-being of people inside a medical facility is crucial for productivity. Explore simple tools hospitals need for patient care.