Car Crash Chances: Tips to Steer Clear Of

Updated on March 15, 2021

Indisputably, to ensure safety while driving any automobile is a challenge.  Even for those who are alert, the likelihood of accidents is quite high. Perhaps that is why the rate of accidents is always on a rise. Unnecessary movements should always be avoided with respect to health concerns. This doesn’t mean you remain cooped up at home. However, you can avoid a vehicle accident by taking certain precautionary measures.

Now, when the term motor accident is used it encompasses different types of vehicles both heavy and light ones respectively. The accidents could happen by any vehicle. However, the most common accidents that affect most of the people are related to a four-vehicle like a car. Whether you have an SUV or a Sedan, it doesn’t matter. Accidents could happen in any type of car.

So, what to do to stay safe from car accidents?

Here some of the most important points have been discovered. Glance through it for a better understanding.

Remain Alert

One second of distraction can cause a major accident which might leave with permanent scars or can even be fatal. Having said that, it is important to highlight that according to the National Safety Council, auto fatality cases have dropped. This doesn’t mean you are safe from car accidents particularly.  That is why you are advised to remain alert all the time while driving.

Pay Heed to Roads

It happens sometimes that your mind starts wandering somewhere else and you are just moving the steering like a robot. You become so habituated with driving that you forget where the road is heading towards. Strikingly, this also happens on roads that you travel every day. For instance, the roads connecting your home to your office are something that you are well-versed with. Still, you must concentrate on the road. The turns and twists on the roads if not given importance can surprise you.

Check Speed Limits

Driving fast is thrilling but accidents are not. This speeding might land you in a situation where you will be running from one end to the other in search of a car accident attorney. If you want to avoid it then make sure you drive at the right speed limit. The chances of an accident are high at sharp turns. So, at least make sure you maintain a speed that gives you an opportunity to change your gear.

Never Ignore Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are meant for your help and not to harass you. Do not get annoyed with it. Instead, take due care of these signs and signals. It will help you to take the right turns while driving any vehicle and not only cars. Even if you are in a hurry, you must not try to run a red light. In fact, start looking at yellow light too. It is there for some purpose. If Green and red light would have been sufficient then why the yellow signal was introduced in a traffic signal list.

Never Forget Seat Belt

If you forget to wear your seat belt, then stop it and start using it from today onwards. Seat belt keep you safe from leaning forward in case a car collision takes place. It is recommended to wear a car seat belt not only for your own safety but also for others.

Never drive under the intoxicant influence

Any drink which is intoxicating like alcohol must be avoided if you are driving. Your safety as well as of others are at stake when you drive under the influence of alcohol or any such beverage. Even you should avoid driving after the consumption of illegal drugs including marijuana and opium. If you are returning from a hospital and the doctor has used some kind of drug which is making you feel dizzy then also stay away from driving.

Do not pick calls

Picking calls is another reason that leads to most of the car accidents. This type of negligence will definitely result in crashes. If it is really an emergency call, then make an exception. Otherwise, stick to the rule which says never talk on a phone while driving. Your safety is in your hand. The rules could be made but if you are ready to break it deliberately then no one can help you from the inevitable.

Be careful on a Rainy Day

Driving on a rainy day is risky but you cannot just sit at home because of it. The only thing that can keep you safe is alert driving. If possible then do not drive when it is raining heavily. If it is a drizzle then only drive. If you are an experienced driver then it is fine but for a novice, such weather conditions could be fatal.  

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