Car Accidents 101: When You Should Call The Help Of A Lawyer 

Updated on March 2, 2020
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Insurance agent writing on clipboard while examining car after accident claim being assessed and processed

After meeting a car accident, it’s reasonable to be under a lot of distress, such that you won’t immediately be able to think as to what to do next. There’s no hiding the fact that a car accident is an unfortunate situation that no one wants to be in. But, because this has already happened, there’s nothing else you can do but to stay calm and think rationally in order for you to have the best recourse out of a negative situation.

One of those who can significantly help you after a car accident are car accident attorneys. These professionals, when by your side, can help you sort out the legalities of your car accident. This is especially necessary during massive and life-altering wrecks.

But, when exactly is the right time after the accident to call a lawyer?  Below are some instances when you definitely should:

Contact A Lawyer Immediately When A High Priority Case Happens

Right after an accident happens, it’s not always the case that a lawyer will be necessary. Especially when the accident is only minor in terms of damage to the physical body and the property (car), a lawyer may not be needed. In such an instance, it’s easy to settle the situation just between you and the other party involved in the accident.

But, there are incidents generally labeled as high priority cases, wherein calling a lawyer is necessary. These cases include the following:

1. The Insurance Company Of The Erring Party Is Difficult To Deal With

If you’re lucky, the insurance company of the erring party can be dealt with easily. They’re clear to talk to and are not difficult to reach, too. But, in some cases, this isn’t the situation.

In fact, hiring a car accident lawyer works better to your advantage in navigating through your insurance claims. You don’t want to fall into the situation wherein your coverage or claim is going to be insufficient, in connection with the extent of the injuries that you’ve suffered. Furthermore, when an insurance company and their adjusters phone you to ask for a statement, you should have a lawyer helping you out with your answers. That way, you know that they’re not just fishing out any unnecessary information from you that won’t have any bearing to the case.

2. The Crash Caused A Significant Injury, Such As Broken Bones, Paralysis, Or Death

When a significant injury has happened, your recovery won’t be as smooth. You may not even be able to process all of your claims papers by yourself. Having a lawyer by your side can help you ensure that all of your claims are justly identified, even when you’re physically unable to move. That way, a massive chunk of your stress and worries is taken off your shoulders, which can also help you recover better. Rather than being so preoccupied with the necessary papers for your claims, you can focus instead on your recovery. 

3. The Police Report Is Unclear As To What Happened As There Are No Witnesses

When you’re settled in the hospital and finally able to think more clearly, ask to read through the police report again. Before this police report forms the basis as evidence relating to the car accident, you have to check that it’s clear and correct. Else, the police report may be alleging matters that could be false, or may be too vague that it’s not going to hold that much of a bearing at all.

If this is the case, call a lawyer right away. There are instances when a car accident can be a he-said-she-said situation. A lawyer can help straighten out the facts based on the circumstances of the car accident, especially when there are no witnesses around. With a lawyer helping you out, the negligence can easily be proven, and the absolute fault will also be identified.

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Paramedic placing a cervical collar to an injured woman from car accident

4. The Crash Involved Other People Nearby, Such As Motorists And Pedestrians

When the car accident has also involved other people nearby, such as motorists and pedestrians, then you definitely need a lawyer by your side. These third-party individuals to the accident will run after your lawyer for compensation, especially if fault has yet to be determined.


Some individuals wait it out a little bit before calling a lawyer after a car accident because they’d want to prioritize their recovery from a supposedly traumatic experience. But, there are also instances when calling a lawyer is necessary ASAP, such as those mentioned above. Hopefully, with the help of this article, should you or anyone close to you unfortunately figure in an accident, you’re less confused as to when calling a lawyer is needed.

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