Can weed water pipes be Used to Improve Mental Wellness?

Updated on April 24, 2023

To say that things are stressful in today’s day and age is probably the understatement of the century.  A lot of us have tons on our mind pretty much at all times.  Each day that passes seems to bring way more challenges than we bargained for, you know?

Unfortunately, this often means that mental health and wellness has become a struggle for people all across the world.  There are plenty of ways that we’ve been exploring in terms of alleviating those pressures on a person, but that doesn’t mean that the search has stopped.  After all, not everyone wants to take traditional medications. 

What, then, are our options?  Something that a lot of folks have started to look into a lot more seriously in terms of healthcare is marijuana.  While a lot of this stuff is still being researched, it’s worth at least taking note that a lot of scientists and health professionals seem to concur that there are benefits to using marijuana – however folks decide to do so.

Smoking is probably the most common way that people ingest marijuana.  You’ve probably heard about it before at least, if not seen it yourself.  Heck, you might even smoke it already.  

Either way, this article should have some new perspectives to offer you in terms of how it works and whether or not it really can benefit our mental health.  You can start by checking out a resource like this one,, to see some of the latest research on the topic.  There’s a lot of ground to cover here.

Is There a Difference Between Smoking It Vs. Other Options?

One of the first questions that people ask in terms of using marijuana or other cannabis products is whether there’s a “best” way to do so.  Obviously, this is kind of a hard thing to answer.  There are pros and cons to all of the methods, after all.  

1c86286c 9438 4b89 8eef 559569304deaFor now, let’s stick to looking at smoking.  It’s one of the most accessible ways to use marijuana.  So, if you’re just getting started out, this might be something that you want to try out.  

Of course, then the question becomes how can we actually go about smoking it?  Usually, it’s by using some sort of pipe.  They can come in all sorts of materials, so it’ll depend on your personal preferences there in terms of whether you go for rubber, glass, or something else.  Admittedly, the glass ones are probably the ones that last the longest (provided they aren’t broken). 

Out of all of the glass ones, the water pipes are probably some of the most popular ones out there.  Why is that, though? Well, you’ve probably heard them called bongs before, which might give you some insight there.

They’re a classic in the world of smoking weed, and that’s just a fact.  You’d be hard pressed to find a smoker who doesn’t have at least one of them in their home.  Because they can come in all sorts of shapes and colors and they can be customized with a variety of accessories, they give us options.

bec561e4 280d 43e3 a2b4 5b219d875fb5This also means that they can be great for novice smokers and experts since there are so many types out there.  If you’re looking to start using marijuana for medicinal purposes, be it treating chronic pain or to help with overall mental wellness, this could be a nice place to start.  Just bear in mind that depending on the pipe that you get, there could be different hiccups along the way.

Can Weed Really Positively Impact Our Mental Health?

Naturally, the next question on most folks’ mind is whether we can really say that smoking or otherwise using marijuana can really improve someone’s mental health.  Now, the thing to remember is that mental illnesses are never truly considered “cured.”  So, if that’s what you’re after, this isn’t quite the right place.

Rather, emphasis should be (and usually is) put on the management of symptoms.  Typically, that’s how we can achieve at least somewhat better levels of wellness.  If you would like to see some of the latest studies in this field, you can check out this page.  Although there isn’t necessarily “consensus” just yet, most experts agree that it can help to alleviate symptoms of things like anxiety or depression.

With that being said, it may be worth at least giving it a try if you aren’t overly keen on traditional prescription medications.  Some people have adverse reactions to those, after all, or they just don’t help.  It can be quite demoralizing.

Where to Start

Part of the trouble with smoking weed, though, is figuring out where we can start.  Thankfully, it’s legalized in a lot more states these days, so it isn’t as difficult to find the cannabis buds themselves.  Rather, the actual ways to smoke it are a lot harder to get our hands on.

At least, it’s hard to find quality ones.  While we can certainly go on any old website like Amazon and order one for cheap, the actual quality of it will reflect that price tag.  That’s why sourcing them from a reputable business that’s dedicated to selling these products is often a better bet.  

Some of the resources above might help you to find what you’re looking for.  Remember, water pipes and bongs are considered the most beginner friendly because of the various customizations you can get.  Depending on the accessories, you might not even have any smoky or ashy flavor on your hits.  That’s the biggest complaint about poor quality pipes.

At the end of the day, though, the type that you decide to get will depend on what you prefer out of your smoking experience.  What’s nice is that whether you’re using it for recreational purposes or for medical ones, you can always fine tune your pipe or bong to get what you’re looking for.  Feel free to experiment and try out a few different methods, too!

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