Can Pilates Help In Effective Weight Loss

Is it difficult for you to slip into those pairs of skinny jeans? If you find yourself putting on weight now that you have spent the entire last year at home, pull up your socks and get fit. How would you like to lose weight? Of course, there are plenty of ways to shed that flab, but it all depends on various factors. If you have been forever trying to lose weight, but you hardly lose an ounce, look out for pilates. 

What makes Pilates a Great Choice

Pilates can help you lose weight as it is a workout, more of a low-impact exercise. These days, you can get pilates classes Kensington or Wembley-based. In short, several new studios are coming up where you can practice the Mat-based or the Reformer–based workout. 


Pilates is more like Yoga, especially the mat-based ones and so it may not be burning the calories with that speed as a jog would. But that does not diminish its prowess to lose weight. 

As per a study, the researchers found that though pilates did not lose lean body mass on the person, it was helpful from their total body weight. 

It can ensure maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keep your weight in check. 

The Biggest Changes

Many factors contribute to the speed of weight loss and the calories you burn. It depends on the weight of your body and on the minutes you spend on the workout. Another crucial factor responsible for the pilates to work on the body’s calories is the level of difficulty you choose to workout. It will decide on the calories that burn. 

Exercise is essential for weight loss, and you should practice pilates up to 2 to 3 times a week. This would be better if you club it with other forms of workout like Yoga and boxing too. 

Why is everyone talking about pilates?

When you start doing pilates itself, you will start noticing a change in posture, and the muscles will become toned. It directly creates an effect that may appear as if you have lost weight. So you will see the best results, and it can encourage you to draft up a better plan for the next level of weight loss. 

Weight loss plans only work if you do something that you have never done before. It has to take you out of your comfort zone. It is the reason you may even consult the best trainers from pilates classes Kensington- basedThey will help in drawing up a diet chart and even arrange a few sets of workout regimens. Also, they will help in tracking your progress just so that you can know how much you have lost in weight and how you can do better. 

These days, it is safe to get the training of pilates from reputed pilates classes Kensington-based centers, like La Dolce Studio. The studio teaches one-on-one basis and in small groups to ensure better weight loss results and retain the same. 

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