Can Keto Pills Help You Burn Fat Quicker on the Ketogenic Diet?

Updated on July 3, 2021

Weight loss is one of those things that never go out of style. Year after year, it stays high up in the list of New Year resolutions everywhere in the world. A study showed that between 2013 and 2019, 49.1% of US adults attempted to lose weight. The most popular reason for losing bodyweight globally is to have better health. Reducing weight has been shown to help prevent chronic conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, reduced risk of cancer, and numerous metabolic disorders. Plenty of people also lose weight to improve their physical appearance. This boosts moods and helps foster self-acceptance and appreciation, giving people the confidence to go after their dreams. Others may lose weight to be fit and participate in athletic or physically demanding activities.

Due to its popularity, there are several techniques applied to aid in fat burning and weight loss. These include methods targeting metabolic activity, dietary intake, and physical activity among many others. There are both natural methods, such as limiting food and caloric intake and increasing physical activity within these categories. There are also methods such as gastric bypass surgeries, and the use of medication such as metabolism-boosting pills. All these methods are selected based on preference, success rates, sustainability, and the long or short-term effects they may have.

One popular technique is the ketogenic diet, which proposes less easily digestible carbohydrates such as soda, bread, and pastries. Instead, it proposes an increased intake of protein and fat to fuel the body. An absence of carbs in the body results in the breakdown of fats and proteins and fat burning, which leads to weight loss. The burning fat and protein process is called ketosis and is usually achieved about three to four days after the body runs out of carbohydrates. Aside from its weight loss benefits, the diet is believed to aid in the management of medical conditions such as acne, cardiovascular disease, and epilepsy among others. It has been more effective than other diets in weight loss as the body uses more energy to convert fat to energy compared to converting carbs to energy. Higher protein and fat intake diets than carbohydrate-rich diets also lead to higher feelings of satiety over longer periods resulting in less intake of food.

Keto pills enhance ketosis 

A popular technique to help the body enter the process of ketosis is through the use of keto pills. According to SFGate, keto pills help the body enter ketosis faster resulting in faster fat burning and subsequent weight loss. It also has additional benefits such as higher levels of energy, better mental clarity, and minimized keto flu symptoms. Some ketogenic pills which contain BHB or beta-hydroxybutyrate speed up the body’s readiness for ketosis as the liver no longer needs to produce the BHB provided by the pills. The liver ordinarily takes a couple of days to weeks to produce sufficient amounts of BHB to support ketosis effectively. Using the pills alongside the keto diet also helps the body maintain the state of ketosis. Some popular keto diet pills available in the market include KetoCharge, OneShot Keto, and Keto Super Powder.

Keto pills have a high concentration of ingredients for a faster burn.

Some ketogenic pills contain nutrient-dense supplements that are healthy for the body and help boost the digestion of food. Some common ingredients include Omega-6, Omega-3, and Vitamin E. They act by improving gut health through beneficial prebiotics, ensuring maximum utilization of the food in the gut. Ketogenic diets make the body release endogenic ketones, leading to higher levels of ketones in the bloodstream. This accelerates the fat-burning process. The pills are also complementary to keto diets as they help minimize some negative side effects of ketosis. Some people may experience brain fog, bad breath, low energy levels, dizziness, and general body malaise. Diet pills help manage this by ramping up the body’s natural mechanisms for producing ketones and increasing the supply through the exogenous ketones. They also help manage hunger resulting in better eating habits in the long term.

Other ways to help the body achieve ketosis, which boost keto diets, include: intermittent fasting, increasing fat intake, and lifestyle modifications such as getting better sleep and reducing stress levels. Physical exercise is also recommended as it helps accelerate ketosis as glycogen is quickly depleted during intense activity. Physical activity while fasting is also a good keto booster.

So if you are looking to burn fat fast, keto pills could be an excellent way to get it done. It’s safe, and the rate of weight loss is higher than just focusing on a keto diet.

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