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Buying new football boots? Read this first!

If you’re getting ready for a new season out on the field for rugby, AFL or soccer, then a new pair of boots might just be in order.

But when it comes to taking care of your feet and getting the best performance possible, you can’t wear just any old pair of footy boots.

To help you find the best pair of football boots, our friends at Watsonia Podiatry have put together some tips about what you should look for when shopping for football boots. But, first, why does the footy boot you select matter?

This is why the boot you choose matters

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A lot of the footy boots out there have been designed to look cool to make sure that people take notice of you on the field, and while choosing some colours and styles that you like is important, it’s nowhere near as important as choosing a pair that suits your foot.

Everyone’s feet are different – people have wide feet, narrow feet, long toes, short toes, high arches and low arches. If you choose a boot that doesn’t accommodate for the size and variances of your foot, you can run the risk of injuries and conditions occurring.

Finding the right fit is especially important because many styles of football boots don’t have the same support as other shoes, like runners have.

What features should my footy boots have?

Your football boots should provide you with adequate support and allow you to play good football. So, while you might want to choose the ones that look great, here are the most important features you should ensure your footy boots have:

–          A good heel counter

–          Adequate toe box width

–          Great shock absorption

–          Proper grip

–          Good fixation

Essentially, when you’re shopping for football boots, you should look for the same features you would look for in a pair of runners.

What brand of football boots should I choose?

While it’s important to shop for football boots that have the features we’ve mentioned above, rather than by brand, one of the most popular brands that offers great support and shock absorption capabilities is Asics.

Their range of football boots do provide excellent support but may take some getting used to as they tend to be a bit bulkier and heavier than other kinds of football boots.

Tips to keep your feet healthy when you play football

When you play a high impact and fast paced sport like football, your feet go through a lot. Not only does the kind of boot you wear impact the health of your feet, so to does the way you take care of your feet off the field.

Here are some of the things you need to do to take care of your feet:

Wash your feet properly after exercise and games

When you run around on the field or train, your feet are going to sweat. Combine that with the fact they are in a dark and damp environment that is the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and you’re at risk of developing various conditions that can affect the skin and nails on your feet.

It’s important to take your boots off after the game and wash and dry your feet thoroughly. You should also take time to examine any cuts or scratches on your feet and ensure you treat them properly and hygienically. And make sure that you wear fresh socks each game and training session. Conditions like fungal nail infections and skin infections can easily spread.

Wear flip flops in the shower

If you shower in a communal environment after training or a game, avoid common skin infections, like athlete’s foot by wearing shower shoes. You can opt for simple rubber flip flops so you can avoid picking up or spreading these sorts of conditions.

Wear your runners when you can

If you can train in your runners, choose these over your football boots as much as possible. Runners will always provide significantly more support than your footy boots. That way you can avoid injuries and soreness.

Do you need new footy boots?

Before you go shopping for football boots, consult a foot doctor for advice about the most important features for your feet. They are experts in all things feet, especially when it comes to footwear.

Take care of your feet with the right footy boots today.

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