Business Model of Online Casinos

Updated on May 26, 2020

The online casino business industry took off from the mid 1990s when the Internet was born. It instantly enticed players to gamble with real money online. After all, being able to bet money from your phone or any other device without visiting an actual casino is an amazing opportunity. 

This is why in the 21st century, online casinos became the most prominent source of online entertainment across the world. As a result, the number of people who saw the potential in gambling as a business has been increasing rapidly. 

Still, just like in any other industry, only few actually manage to succeed. 


Why Start a Casino Business

There are millions of online ventures that people can invest in, all of which come with a set of pros and cons. The online gambling business is one of the oldest ideas around. It also requires a really big investment. So why should you choose it?

Online gambling generates billions in revenue on a yearly basis. People absolutely love the idea of gambling on the Web. For an investor, investing in casino finance can be an incredible chance to make a fortune, not to mention give people the chance to enjoy amazing entertainment from any location.

Because of the amazing online casino business opportunity, you have the shot at great income, but are also facing a fierce competition. Even when you use the top software companies for gaming, there will be at least dozens of other similar casinos that offer the same things. The idea is to stand out in the crowd, which is possible, but not simple.

Take for example, Interac casinos Canada. Players who prefer this payment method will go online searching for gaming websites that offer it. But, most of them will stay on the site with the best offers, one that is highly rated on the market. 

To succeed, you need not only great gambling business ideas. You need to make them happen and establish yourself as the preferred brand.

How to Start a Casino Business: Beginning with a Business Model

It all starts with a casino business plan. When it comes to making a plan to build your new casino, you should have excellent casino startup ideas to build on. But most importantly, you need a business model. 

Business model is the center of the business plan. To make this a profitable investment, you need to create a plan that includes the basic calculations, operation prospects, and development strategies. This will show you what the online casino startup costs are, how much you will need to invest in the long run, and how to promote the brand on the Web.

There are many kinds of business models that you should focus on. Business models can focus on advertising, production, subscription, commission, etc. 

Essential Elements of an Online Casino Business Model

For an open online casino business, you need to create business models for various elements that make the idea a reality. Here is what you should focus on.


If you decided to create and operate an online gambling company, you will need a license. For example, a real money online casino in New Zealand requires a license from a regulatory body based on the jurisdictions and rules in NZ. Depending on where you want your business to operate, you should gather all information in terms of what documents, permissions, and applications you must submit to obtain the necessary license. Keep in mind that you’ll also have to pay for the license, which is yet another thing to add to your business plan’s expenses section. Gambling company licenses cost between $25,000 and $150,000 per year. 

Games and Software

Next you need software. The platform is worth nothing unless you invest in software that will provide you with quality games. This is the biggest part of this business’ investment. Since players truly value the gaming quality, it is crucial to choose high-quality software companies to ensure seamless operation.

Some casinos turn to designing games on their own, but most rely on major casino software providers for the gaming opportunities like virtual slots, casino games, etc. This is especially true for new casinos. If you integrate popular games from the beginning, you’ll get wider recognition and trust from new players.

The business model should plan out and show which casino game providers you’ll enter into an agreement with for the website. Top rated in the industry are NetEnt, Microgaming, Play n’GO, etc. However, since these are the top rated, they definitely don’t come cheap. 

In fact, most casino business ideas fail due to the cost of licenses and games. 

Payment Systems

Integrating payment systems is really important today. Players can be really picky about how they deposit and withdraw their gambling money. The more options you provide them with, the better your odds at attracting more people. But above all, you need trusted and reliable payment methods including cards, e-wallets, and wire transfers. 


A model for any online business must focus on design, both desktop and mobile. This is especially important for casinos since many players access the casino sites and apps from their smart devices as well as their tablets and laptops. In this sense, you must consider both the desktop design and the mobile casino platform for your new business. 

The idea behind online gambling is based on flexibility. This means that people will expect to gamble at your casino on the go. 

Employees and Support

The company will need employees like managers, marketing specialists, lawyers, accountants, and of course – support technicians. In the business model, you need to determine what types of employees you need, how many, how much money you need to cover the expenses, etc.

Marketing and Promotion

Finally, there’s the thing that connects your business with the players – marketing. Promotion is crucial for an online business, including a gambling website. The business model should also consider marketing tools for website promotion. 

Wrapping Up

There are many variations and types of online casino business models. These are the crucial and basic stages of creating a gambling platform. The idea requires a lot of work and big investments, but if you do it right – it’s one of the greatest investments in today’s online industry.

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