Business Grant for Adults With Disabilities

Updated on September 14, 2022

Business grants are seed tokens from the government or private organizations that help start businesses. Small businesses. The consensus over the years has been that it’s almost impossible for business owners with disabilities to access grant opportunities, given how difficult it is for people without disabilities. That’s what we’ve been led to believe. Yes, market management may be more of a challenge for them, but certainly not with access to grants. They have a better chance of getting grants because of their disability. There are several grants available to people with disabilities. Some help make their homes more accessible, especially if a wheelchair interferes with mobility. For example, they can build handrails, ramps, wheelchair accessibility, and even elevators. You can also use the grant to pay some of your bills or even start a business.



In Canada, business grants for adults with disabilities are often difficult to track because the Canadian government is wary of using the phrase “small business grant.” Considering that phrases such as awards, grants, rebates, and non-repayable loans appear more often on their official government websites. However, all you have to do is avert your eyes from the available opportunities.

Canada also provides grants to small business owners for adults with disabilities. But this is sometimes difficult to approve because of their highly specialized nature. As an alternative, however, you could use the Canada Small Business Startup Evaluation for Adults with Disabilities, and you will be given the resources you need to launch your business in a minute successfully.

Guidelines and tips for Canadian entrepreneurs with disabilities:

Applying for funds is easier with the support of someone who knows where to get them. Here are some great business advice and guidance sources that can help small businesses with disabilities.

The Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) supports adults with business disabilities or people with permanent health problems who have a viable business idea and want to start or grow their own business in Western Canada. It provides access to business skills and business loans in some locations.

Startup Canada’s 2020 Social Impact Program: This program supports social entrepreneurs through training, funding, and other resources. It is open to entrepreneurs interested in advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Startup Canada’s Women Entrepreneurs Program supports women entrepreneurs with disabilities. It is supported through education, training, mentoring, and funding assistance.

Rise’s Peer Supported Training and Mentoring Program. They equip those with mental health issues with the knowledge and skills to own and grow their businesses.  


South Africa is one of the most conducive environments for doing business in a growing economy. In such an environment, enterprising ideas are born that have failed due to a lack of funding for people with disabilities. The African government has adopted funding for disabled entrepreneurs in South Africa for small business startups to curb unemployment and stimulate economic growth. Business ideas are not all that matters, as no business can survive without adequate funding. You can fund small business startups in South Africa by funding the venture with your own money, borrowing from friends and family, or seeking help from South African private investors or venture capital firms.

Financing schemes for disabled entrepreneurs in South Africa often require small startup businesses seeking funds to submit a professional business plan with numbers and statistics that can prove the business’s long-term success.



Financing a startup is a worry that won’t leave you until it’s satisfying. There are different ways to fund a new business, but some entrepreneurs tend to look for private funds available to them. I have compiled several lists of private grants and other sources of funding for startups for people with disabilities.

1. the Blind Businessmen’s Association Charitable Foundation (BBACT)

This body supports blind or visually impaired people by offering them grants to start a business. They also support and encourage those who have started or have already created their small business. They aim to provide advice, conferences, seminars, and mentoring to adults with disabilities.

2. Stelios Philanthropic Association.

This is another private grant for people with disabilities and an exceptional entrepreneurial streak in the face of significant obstacles. Each year this body offers an award of XNUMX £100,000. This award is funded by EasyJet founder Sir Stelios Hadji Ioannou in association with Leonard Cheshire, a charity for people with disabilities.

 3. Prince’s Trust.

Prince’s Trust is primarily for disabled adult entrepreneurs between 18 and 30. It also grants new ventures and market research with important market information for starting a venture. However, it is accomplished with the help of experienced business mentors who help people with these disabilities succeed in their new businesses.

4. Trading Place Awards.

This private grant scheme provides grants to individuals with disabilities who may have lost their jobs due to disability. The purpose of the grants is to create small businesses. It is administered by the Barclays Bank Trading Places Awards program.

5. UnLtd

UnLtd, with its six regional offices and its head office in London, offers grants to people with disabilities who want to become social entrepreneurs in improving society. This is an excellent strategy in the fight against unemployment and to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

 6. Capital Enterprise.

This body conducts networking and training events. It is also a scholarship scheme. Therefore, disabled entrepreneurs living in London can receive grants through Capital Enterprise’s New Entrepreneur Scholarship Scheme. This will help cover the cost of starting a new business. In addition, this grant covers up to £1,300.

7. Jose Blakely Memorial Grant.

The Jose Blakely Memorial Grant is awarded annually to people who want to increase their independence or significantly impact their lives.

Interested people should apply by selecting the Jose Blakely Memorial Grant and filling out their information.


Having a disability grant does not prevent you from succeeding in small business. There are small business funding opportunities from government and private agencies that you can always use to raise capital. Also, with these agencies listed above, I hope you make the best use of them to get the capital you need to start your business and expand. Also, there are loan options if grants don’t work for you.

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