BSV Wallet App Ecosystem Widens Market to Southeast Asia

Updated on July 9, 2021

By Makkie Maclang

Western iGaming operators have always found it difficult to penetrate the Southeast Asian market due to distrust in branding and payments. The BSV wallet app ecosystem has made the entry to the coveted region a lot easier with BSV wallet DotWallet and Colorado-based iGaming technology company BitBoss partnering to make it possible. The most recent episode of “Hashing it Out,” a CoinGeek video series hosted by lead iGaming reporter Becky Liggero, talks about this topic with Lin Zheming and Alex Shore, DotWallet founder and BitBoss CTO, respectively.

DotWallet brings to the partnership its userbase composed mostly of Southeast Asians, as well as a host of features that include linked apps, token exchange and its newly launched “Badge service” that leverages the BSV network’s tokenization capabilities. The Badge service allows for third-party card tokens to be used as a means of exchanging tokens between users and redeeming prizes on the app. Although these features are all useful, what stands out with DotWallet is its app store—something that only Google and Apple are mostly associated with. 

“We created a wallet that helps users to manage their digital assets, to make them more transparent for the user to see what they could do with their assets… We use the app ecosystem that can help users to navigate through different applications within the app store in the app so that they can discover what they can do with their digital assets and then they could try something new maybe,” Zheming said.

“They have an app center in DotWallet and you don’t need to log into a Google account or be regulated by what Apple deems appropriate, you’re not subject to their decision making, essentially. And that’s not just for gaming. It’s for anything… In the U.S. we’re seeing more and more censorship going on with big tech companies, so this concept of app stores and app centers being offered by other providers, such as DotWallet, it’s a big idea,” Shore added.

BitBoss does not come empty-handed as Dragon BSV Casino is already running on its platform. The BSV-powered mobile casino app offers instant payouts and deposits directly to and from the user’s wallet. With iGaming on blockchain recording all actions as immutable transactions in a chronological manner on the blockchain, not only will cheating and double spending be prevented, but it also provides a way to better monitor responsible gambling and ensure regulatory compliance

“This is huge for us because with gambling on a blockchain, you can prevent cheating or what’s called double spending by associating a player’s bet with the bet result or a payout that is sent back to that player. And that’s what we do to secure our system. It’s a huge advantage over non-blockchain based online gaming platforms,” Shore pointed out.

BitBoss also provides a platform that gambling operators can use to gain access to the Southeast Asian market by launching their brand as a white label on it. And with the BSV Dynastic update increasing the limit of unconfirmed transactions to 1,000 from the usual 25, wait times have been practically eliminated and transactions have never been faster. Couple this with the infinitely scalable BSV blockchain, and western iGaming operators already have all they need in the BSV wallet app ecosystem in order to seamlessly launch and improve their apps to target Southeast Asia. 

“We are very eager to introduce Dragon Casino with other applications so we can work together and create more value, more fun for our user. That will, together, we create a much better place for other application developers to consider,” Zheming revealed.

“We’re excited with this new integration with DotWallet and I think there’s huge opportunities in front of us. Also, just with the advancements with BSV, it continues to be the right blockchain for us to operate an online platform on. It’s leaps and bounds ahead of other blockchains from many different perspectives. So we feel like we made the right choice and we’re super excited,” Shore concluded.

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