Better to Follow an Effective Lice-Treatment method to Save Yourself

Updated on September 5, 2022

Lice are undoubtedly one of the most disgusting infestations one often has to experience in one’s life. These not only suck your blood consistently from your scalp but also cause you huge social botheration many a time. The sooner you get rid of them, the better. There are three efficient ways to treat the head lice in your hair or your children’s with a slight variation in their results. These methods include manual, chemical and natural solutions, all effective almost equally. Here we have discussed the best lice treatment products from all the three solutions for you and your family. 

A fine-toothed comb

Most of the experts agree that the best eradication of lice is possible only with the help of a fine-toothed lice comb. It must have spiral micro grooved teeth to get underneath and remove even the smallest of lice eggs, called nits. There results no unwanted pricking, scratching or pulling of the scalp if you use a professional lice comb. You can also sterilize a good lice comb between the uses, for it is often made of a very durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. 

Best shampoo befitting with your hair kind

Selecting one of the best insect repelling potent shampoos should be the first line of defense once you get infested with lice. Best shampoos are often powered by the combination of pipronyl butoxide and pyrethrum extract to remove lice, nymphs and nits. These are easily available over the counter. You can apply it to your dry hair, let it work for 3 minutes, rinse it well and then wash it away leaving behind no residues. Afterwards, you may remove all the remaining nits or lice with a lice comb to get your head free of all the insects. You must repeat this process after a week or so to ensure the eradication of the remaining lice or nits if any. 

Best natural method, olive oil 

One of the best natural methods to treat head lice is the use of olive oil. Applying olive oil to the dry scalp properly not only suffocates the lice by blocking their air ways but also supplies healthy fats, vitamins and antioxidants to the scalp making it hydrated as well as strengthening the hair overall. You should apply a considerable amount of olive oil to the scalp to make it fully saturated and it is better to cover your head with a wrap or shower cap to keep the lice and oil in place. Then you should leave the oil on your head overnight to get the best results, for lice can live without breathing for hours. The oil will make the lice and nits loosen their grip on the hair. In the morning, you should comb your hair section by section until all the lice and nits are removed. Then wash your head with a fine shampoo as you would normally. You may repeat the whole procedure after a week to ensure even the last traces of lice have been removed.  

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