Best Wellness Apps to Download in 2022

Updated on March 18, 2022

Personal care and wellness should be a priority for a successful and healthy life. This is why we are here with the best wellness apps that you can download in 2022.

So if you are more concerned about your health, which any conscious human should be, and want to spend a healthy year this time there are many ways to do it. But we are here with some options that you can have on your handheld device.

Whether it is an Android or an iPhone, we spend a lot of time using them. If this device has the ability to control us why not just give it the reigns to look after our health?

Best Wellness Apps to Download

Best Wellness Apps

So there are many applications created that revolve around the concept of wellness for human beings. To define the scope, it is not just about exercising and checking out the steps you walked or the heart rate for the whole day.

You have the option to get them from the App Store, or Google PlayStore at any time of your choice. So we have arranged the best for you based on the user reviews and recommendations from and other sources. Let’s explore the list.

So let’s check them out.

Shop Well: Better Food Choices

We are what we eat. It is fine what you are taking at any given time up to your late teenage years. But as you cross the line of silver jubilee in your life, it is time to get conscious about the ingredients in your plate to ensure a long and salubrious life.

This tool simplifies the nutrition labels and explores foods that are good as your diet. Make a profile with your goal for your diet, mention allergies if any, your health concerns, and the foods that you don’t like to see.

This will give you personalized nutrition scores when you scan a label in the grocery store. So based on your created profile, you will get recommendations regarding what to do and what to eat. Moreover, you can relevant products in the local store using the ShopeWell via your smartphone.


In the post-industrialization era, it is not the bodily diseases that are more troubling. Thanks to vaccination and availability of medicine they are under control. But what is emerging as a new emergency in the health sector is mental health.

So meditation and mindfulness are some ways that can make sure we are having a brain that is not stressed and able to control the body well. If you want these daunting tasks to become easy for you Headspace is just for you.

It gives your brain the exercise that it needs. So here you are supposed to spare about 10 minutes in a given day and listen to clear your mind of all the noise that the work, home, or other lifestyle events can create up there in your head. You will notice better attention spans, calmness, and alertness with it.


It is the library for meditation. With over 1000 guided meditations on subjects ranging from anxiety, acceptance stress, happiness, focus, breathing, motivation, and more. Meditopia has everything that you want to find.

This is why the application boasts more than seven million members across the world. So if you get it, you will be offered deep-drive meditations personalized for you.

So if you don’t have a mobile phone with you can access Meditopia on your smartwatch. So wherever you are, it is just a tap away from you to start or exercise the practice that you are making.

Elevate: Brain Training

If you want to improve your cognitive skills this application has more than that to offer. To simply put, it is a complete brain training program that brings you attention, speaking, processing speed, and memory improvement.

Additionally, with options like mental math and other great options, you will get a customized set of tests and tasks based on your activity and performance. This set is later adjusted to enhance the results and outcome.

So invest your time on the screen to enhance your earning power, productivity, self-confidence, and more. An improved cognitive state is a key to success no matter what you do. You will see tangible results with enhancement in vocabulary, math skills, and more in no time.

Best Wellness Apps to Download

Fabulous: Self Care

The key to a healthy and happy life is the habits, you groom. If you think you lag behind and want to improve yourself, the Fabulous: Self Care is just for you. This app is one of the best for your well-being.

It is created to motivate you to become a healthy, productive, energetic, and happy person in the end. Fabulous will help you lose weight, improve your sleep cycle, enhance your mindfulness, and reduce stress in life.

You will learn to build and solidify a routine for whatever goal you want to achieve. It will help you pick up new and wholesome habits and work on them to make them an essential part of your life.


So these are the best wellness and health improvement apps that you can download in 2022 and get a life-changing experience while using them. All you need is to use them regularly and customize them to get the maximum output.

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