Benefits of Smart Contract Auditing Services


Benefits of Smart Contract Auditing Services


While the popularity of blockchain projects is enhancing every day, the issue of smart contract auditing services is becoming more and more common. The number of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain is growing every year. Accordingly, the number of vulnerabilities and attack vectors against decentralized applications is also increasing.


The Hacken cybersecurity services for businesses of any scale provide a comprehensive approach to security auditing of Ethereum blockchain smart contracts in Solidity language and iOS application penetration testing.

Smart Contract Audit: Cases and Working Principles

Security audit of Ethereum blockchain smart contracts will provide your investors with more confidence in your business and also ensure them that there are no errors in the code that could give hackers access to funds.

Smart contracts have successfully proven themselves in various areas. The most popular among them are the following:

  • Insurance issues
  • Trading operations
  • Affiliate programs
  • Gambling
  • Issues related to taxation

The Importance of Smart Contract Auditing

An audit is an important stage and task for any smart contract since investors and owners, as a rule, trust it with their cryptocurrency or tokens. Business owners may need an audit in several cases:

  • If you are going to keep Ethereum on a smart contract, the audit will give you an additional guarantee that there are no errors in the smart contract code that allow a hacker to steal funds or block them.
  • Before adding a token to the exchange, the latter may request you to conduct an audit.
  • The presence of an audit on the site will give you a higher rating on ICO trackers and listings.
  • The audit will give more confidence to investors that the contract takes into account and protects their interests.
  • An audit conducted by a third party may reveal other flaws in the logic of the smart contract.

Contact Hacken cybersecurity services, and you will receive competent and reliable cooperation that will help your business to operate at full capacity.

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