Benefits of Shock Wave Therapy

Updated on May 25, 2021

Many ways have been explored by years of research in order to advance our overall knowledge of health and medicine. As such, novel methods are developed with amazing benefits that could affect any patient in innovative new ways. One such method is Shock Wave Therapy, used to treat tissue, bones, muscles, and connective tissues, as well as some neurological disorders.

Shock Wave Therapy is a regenerative therapy treatment method that focuses on the use of acoustic waves in order to achieve regenerative healing on the pain points highlighted by the patient. Essentially, it provides stimulation to the injured parts of the body in order to facilitate and promote the natural regenerative processes of tissues and bones, thereby increasing the natural healing factor capability of the injured patient. Through this, patients enjoy many different benefits:

  • Increase in circulation around damaged tissues/tendons/bones

With the application of the shockwaves, new blood vessels are formed due to the applied pressure of the treatment. In essence, microruptures in capillaries are created, thereby increasing blood flow to the damaged parts. This allows for more blood flow to reach the hurting area, allowing for better maintenance of the repair process as more nutrients is supplied through the blood flowing in the improved circulation.

  • Reduction in pain

Application of the shockwaves results in the creation of ‘substance P’, a neurotransmitter that will act as an effective mediator of pain information. This, in coordination with the overstimulation of pain sensors around the damaged area, results in the reduction of chronic pain perceived by the individual.

  • A treatment to calcification

Tendon traumas incurred by an individual may lead to calcium build-up in the damaged areas. With the application of these high-energy waves, these calcified fibroblasts essentially break down these calcified matters.

  • Growth factor benefits

With the stimulation given by the shockwaves, production of growth factors is likewise facilitated.  This is in addition to the stimulation of other necessary repair processes such as the synthesis of collagen for myoskeletal and ligament-related problems.

  • Other major benefits
    1. Increased mobility in injured areas
    2. Stimulation of one’s metabolism
    3. Reduction of fibrosis
    4. Release of trigger points

When used in conjunction to physiotherapy or manual therapy, one can greatly see the full extent of the benefits provided by shock wave therapy. With its short treatment time of only around 10 minutes, this regenerative therapy treatment is sure to provide the patient with much needed relief, as well as enjoy the benefits of faster healing all throughout their injured areas. While some may immediately resort to other, operative methods, the use of shock wave therapy allows for a safer and faster way of treating an injury, only needing to suffer very indistinguishable side effects like redness or swelling around the application area. Through such an advantageous method, we can see why it is one of the most creative ways to heal and facilitate regenerative properties. It simply trumps other regenerative methods as it is very quick, pain-free, and extremely innovative!

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