Benefits of medical ear wax removal – Consult the best ear & allergy specialist in Singapore for better ear health

Updated on May 6, 2020

Most people take their ear health for granted! They opt-in for occasional cleaning in a lop-sided way and consider it to be done. The truth is, it is tricky and complicated to have a clean and healthy ear canal. One of the typical ear problems is ear wax. The human ear produces ear wax for a particular reason. But since anything in excess isn’t right, excess earwax might also lead to ear issues. Proper ear cleaning is essential to resolve this issue.

However, when it comes to ear cleaning, you should be careful and not strip away the secure ear oils and waxes. If you are enthusiastic about your ear cleaning, your eardrum and canal might get hurt. It can lead to ear injuries, allergies, infections, and the like. To know more about it, you can check out Also, it is essential to consult an expert ear consultant to understand the advantages of ear wax and ear wax cleaning, as well. 

The relevance of ear wax

The exact term for human earwax is “cerumen,” and it gets produced by specific glands that line the ear canal. Medical experts say that ear wax helps in:

  • Eliminating the debris and dust. 
  • Moisturizing the tender skin of the ear canal. 
  • Securing the ear from any infection. 
  • Offering a waterproof lining. 

Also, the yellow compound that we link with earwax is a matrix which backs up the anti-bacterial enzyme, known as lysozyme. That aside, it also backs up cholesterol, fatty acids, squalene, and alcohol. And all these substances together help to maintain the ear canal health.

Earwax helps in healthy hearing by capturing the irritants, dust, and bacteria. There’s a slow-progressing mechanism inside the ear canal that moves this captured debris upwards and then takes it towards the ear opening. That aside, the earwax also has enzymes that kill the bacteria to lessen the chances of infection. Furthermore, it also moisturizes the skin, securing it from drying and helps in maintaining correct ear health. Hence, it is necessary to clean the ear correctly so that it doesn’t get hurt, and there are no chances of an infection.

What to do when there’s more earwax?

Despite earwax being helpful, it is necessary to clean your ears. There are people whose ear generates excess earwax that, at times, can clog the ear canal and hamper the normal functioning. There are other people whose ear produces dry earwax, which doesn’t move upwards and end up in blocking the ears. And since, today, most people make use of earbud headphones, the earwax usually builds up, because it can’t escape out. Hence, you should clean the ears correctly, check with an ear specialist, and not resort to harsh products.

Opting in for the correct ear cleaning routine

Building up of excess earwax will lead to dull hearing! Others have intense itching and have ear canal issues. Home cleaning is usually safe. But just in case you find any ear issues while cleaning, it is always best to get in touch with an expert ear consultant and get professional ear wax cleaning. 

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