Benefits for using Coloplast peristeen anal irrigation system


Bowel dysfunctions are a common condition that affects most people, particularly older adults and people with underlying conditions such as women with obstetric and patients suffering neurological disorders. Bowel dysfunctions have significant detrimental effects on an individual’s overall physical, physiological, and social well-being. Bowel dysfunction has several treatments; some of them include pharmaceutical preparations that help in improving stool consistency, decrease gastrointestinal motility, alleviate constipation, or bulking up the stool—other methods include conservative treatments such as anal irrigation. Anal irrigation effectively delivers reliable outcomes, encourages independence whenever possible, and responds quickly. Peristeen is widely recognized as an effective, safe, and cost-effective anal irrigation device for neurogenic bowel dysfunction, fecal incontinence, and slow-transit constipation.

A Coloplast persistent irrigation system empties the lower colon by gradually injecting warm water from the tap into the rectum using a catheter kept in place by a balloon, similar to a self-retaining catheter. Water is pumped into the colon through the rectal catheter by a hand-held pump, allowing patients and caregivers to manage the volume and pace of water entering the bowel. When the balloon is deflated and removed, the water, together with the contents of the rectum, sigmoid, and perhaps the descending colon, is evacuated.

 The Coloplast peristeen irrigation system can be administered alone or with help, and it allows you to choose when and where you wish to empty your bowel. Taking regularly, whether daily or every other day, can help reduce the physical discomfort and worry that fecal incontinence and constipation cause. Moreover, Peristeen could be used by a wide variety of people, from children to adults; however, a complete evaluation by your doctor or nurse is required before commencing Peristeen.

There are two sizes of rectal catheter available. Therefore,  a doctor’s recommendation will help you choose which one to buy. The peristeen anal irrigation system offers several benefits, and the primary use being the predictability feature that it provides. Meaning one can have predictable bowel management that fits well into your schedule.

Peristeen is distinct from other conservative treatments due to several reasons. First, peristeen significantly minimizes the rates at which constipation and fecal incontinence symptoms happen. Secondly, it improves your quality of life, bowel function, and overall happiness and impacts your daily life.

Listed below are some of the critical benefits of peristeen irrigation system

• Allows you to choose when to empty your intestines • Prevents fecal incontinence and constipation for up to 2 days

• You may choose when you want to irrigate so that it works with your schedule.

• Enhances one’s quality of life

Also, it is a portable system making its use easier and efficient.;

  •  The rectal catheter is available in two sizes: tiny and regular, and is pre-coated for smoother, simpler insertion.
  • The rectal catheter includes a soft inflated balloon that sits within the rectum during irrigation, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it in place. 
  • The water bag is intended to stand on the floor and move about freely. The water bag does not need to be hung up high, making it accessible to individuals with limited mobility.