Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support Importance

Updated on October 8, 2020

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, with about 500 million players. It is also among those that generate the most economic income due to the importance of its competitions in the United States and Europe, mainly. Also, due to the international media coverage generated by its most recognized stars.

There are two essential elements to practice basketball – The ball and the basket. But there is a third party that is essential for the player to offer his best performance: Basketball shoes. A shoe adapted to this sport modality that will allow us a greater enjoyment of the game.

What Are the Most Recognized Basketball Shoe Brands on The Market?

As is the case in almost all sports, especially the most popular and with the largest number of practitioners, the Adidas and Nike firms are among the most recognized with the most effective ankle support. Two colossi that are essential for any sports product’s technological development due to the large investment they make to improve their articles.

They could not be absent in basketball, much less when making shoes and designing the models of the biggest stars of this sport. But we also find high-quality basketball shoes thanks to world-renowned brands such as New Balance, Under Armor, Reebok, Ashion, and Puma.

Important Fact About Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are sports articles that receive the most investment in technological development from manufacturing firms.

The material of the floor of basketball courts requires that the soles of the shoes have special characteristics.

Comfort is essential, in addition to design and technology, to get the most out of your basketball shoes.

Excellent Basketball Shoes for Durable Ankle Support on The Market: Our Favorites

We will show you the ankle support basketball shoes that have the most acceptance in the market. You will know their characteristics, among others the cushioning, the design, or the materials, and they are as follows:

Shoes Men Basketball Sport Mesh Sneakers 

Although they are suitable for playing basketball, these shoes are versatile and can be used for other events or just for walks. The exterior is made of felt, the sole material is EVA, and the lining is fabric.

The sole material is also non-slip, and they are available in various colors. Users praise its price, and many of them praise their quality.

Under Armor Men’s UA Drive 4 Basketball Shoes

One of the best basketball shoes on the market. They are made of synthetic material, both the exterior and the sole, with a fabric covering and lace closure. They present a beautiful design, excellent quality, and stand out for their comfort. They are available in various colors: Red, white, black, and gray.

Users highlight the protection of the heel and, in general, of the entire foot. Besides, they have 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid, Men’s Basketball Shoes

With the typical visual design of the Adidas brand that makes them totally recognizable. They are basketball shoes that present a modern and minimalist style. They are made of synthetic leather, with a breathable mesh upper part, a textile lining, a rubber sole, and a lace closure.

A product that satisfies its buyers highlights the good finish and the great value for the article’s money with 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid, Men’s Basketball Shoes

It is made of leather, which provides them with excellent quality. The interior is lined with synthetic lining, and the sole is made of hard rubber. The flat heel offers great cushioning.

These Nike shoes reproduce the original AJ style and boast a whopping 4.7 out of 5 stars based on buyer ratings, highlighting their excellent quality and comfort in sports activities.

Nike Ebernon Low, Running Shoe 

If you are a woman and you are passionate about basketball, you are in luck! Nike’s Ebernon Low model is specially made for the female universe. These shoes capture the look of classic ’80s basketball models and feature a sleek cup design that offers durable traction.

They are very comfortable and have more than 70% of 5-star ratings, giving an idea of satisfaction among users. 

Wrap Up

It does not have to be so difficult to find the right ankle support basketball shoes. This is especially the case if you know what you are looking for. Any of the options above will be ideal for your requirements. They are all from the best manufacturers in the market. Just read through and pick one that is in line with your budget. 

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