Avoid falling: Tips for people with limited mobility

Updated on November 23, 2020

People of all ages can end up having trouble moving around, whether it’s a senior with a knee problem, a teenager with a sports injury or someone rehabilitating a heart attack. All of these reasons and many more can be troublesome. 

If you are injured or have any serious illnesses that cause mobility issues, then you need to prevent falling to make things worse for you. Some people are prone to falling; then there are some changes you should make. Make your home a safer place for yourself and your loved ones as well. 

Rearranging and modifying some things around the house can become beneficial for you in the long-run. Read our tips ahead as to what you can do to let your immobility phase be much more comfortable and smooth. 

Safe entrance 

When you are unable to move around quickly, even a single step can feel like a mountain climb. So, keep the entrance of your homes, always clear of any extra objects, and if you use a vive mobility scooter, then a smart thing to do will be to create a wheelchair-accessible pathway. 

Moreover, you should consider installing grab bars to any stairs on both sides, so when you or a loved one needs to pass by, they can do it safely. 

Kitchen safety 

Kitchens are hazardous anyways, and when you are weak or vulnerable, it’s just worse. To avoid any accidents, you should amend some changes such as avoid hanging stuff. All your heavy pans and other stuff should be just settled down where you can reach them in ease. Also, do not spread your items of everyday use around the whole kitchen and just keep them in one place so that you do not have to move around a lot. Moreover, be seated. Cut your vegetables and do all the prep work while you are sitting. Falling usually happens when you are standing, and if you are sitting, the chances of you falling are super low. 

Keep the floors dry 

Whether it is the bathroom or the kitchen, it is ideal to keep the floors dry. Spills happen often but keep a towel ready to wipe it away as soon as anything happens. Also, have an anti-slip mat arranged for usually wet places, such as the shower or where you stand in the kitchen most often. 

Rearrange and de-clutter 

No matter how beautiful your home looks, it’s better to have things out of the way. Make your living area more accessible to you. Keep the place more spacious if you use a walker or a wheelchair to help you move around. Make sure any cords and electrical wires are out of the way to help you from hazards. You can use carpets as tiled floors can cause slips easily. Other than that, use furniture that makes you feel comfortable. Having sofas that are too low can be uncomfortable, so add a few more pillows even when you sleep on your bed to make it better for you. 

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