Ascent Your Career as a Routing Professional with Cisco! Why Practice for 300-410 Exam with Exam Dumps?

Updated on June 1, 2020

Career in Routing Technology

Networking is an incredibly broad area that has expanded its roots to various other sub-categories such as routing and switching, network automation, wireless, security, etc. Each of these components plays a decisive role in the design and implementation of an enterprise network.

Now, with the increasing complexity of these technologies and their requirements, the job of network engineers has become supplemented with specialized responsibilities encompassing the different concentrations mentioned above. So, companies are keen on hiring professionals who are accredited to possess a wide skillset essential at the workplace. If you want to be one of these demanded specialists in Routing and Switching, then passing the Cisco’s ENARSI exam and earning the Cisco CCNP 300-410 ENARSI Exam Dumps is the go-to option for you. 

Why Should You Achieve Cisco CCNP?

The new CCNP Enterprise badge has exciting features embedded in it. Below, is a list of the most significant reasons that have attracted a lot of professionals to obtain it:

  • CCNP Enterprise has no formal pre-requisites! The days when you had to always start from the CCNA despite your goals and experience level are gone. If you think that CCNP would boost your career, then go for it.
  • The number of qualification exams brought down to just two: to acquire this credential, you have to pass a core test named ENCOR (350-401) and one concentration exam chosen from the following list:
    • ENARSI (300-410)
    • ENSDWI (300-415)
    • ENSLD (300-420)
    • ENWLSD (300-425)
    • ENWLSI (300-430)
    • ENAUTO (300-435)

Unlike pre-2020, where every CCNP certified had to choose the definite track with specific exams, now you have the opportunity to showcase your distinct skills in an exact specialization and better market yourself to potential employers. It means that you have a choice which exam to sit for even after you’ve already taken the first step to the CCNP Enterprise certification.

With this credential, you get a step closer to ExamSnap Cisco CCNP 300-410 ENARSI , the accreditation of the highest level you can have from Cisco. Thus, when you accomplish the CCNP Enterprise, you automatically fulfill the pre-requisites for the CCIE lab exam.

300-410 Exam Details

If you are choosing the Routing and Switching path, then the ENARSI is the option for you and you need to pass 300-410 exam successfully. This is a 90-minute test that will measure your ability to troubleshoot and implement the following routing technologies:

  • Layer 3 — 35%
  • VPN services — 20%
  • Infrastructure security — 20%
  • Infrastructure services — 25%

What about taking 300-410, it is also available through the online testing service from Cisco, so you can conveniently sit for this exam at your home or office. However, the exam will be monitored closely by proctors with the utilization of various AI techniques to ensure transparency. That is why we recommend you go on the official website to assess whether you meet the requirements which could then save you travel costs and time.

It has only been a couple of months since ENARSI was released; hence finding useful learning material and real practice questions and answers can be challenging. But, no time to worry because we are ready to share with you some resources that have helped many test-takers to nail 300-410 on the first trial.

Best Resources for 300-401

  • The first option most candidates find useful is the official Cisco training for 300-410 exam. It covers all the topics you need to know to pass this test and lasts only for five days. Moreover, you can choose the format of studies: an instructor-led course, virtual guided sessions, or just self-paced e-learning.
  • CCNP Enterprise Advanced Routing ENARSI 300-410 Official Cert Guide is widely used by applicants as reference material because it is up-to-date and contains 100% accurate information on the exam objectives.
  • is a website that will help you get more practical experience and show you the test structure. It has hundreds of exam dumps for IT certifications from popular vendors such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, CompTIA, etc. Some of their 300-410 dumpsyou can use for free. Also, there is a paid Premium Bundle that has been checked by IT experts and comes with 59 questions and answers, along with a study guide of 2674 pages at just $34,99.
  • Although there is not much information out there about the new CCNP program, you can get useful advice from Cisco experts and previous test takers on the official Enterprise Certifications community. Get your questions answered, read articles elaborating on the latest updates, and find more 300-410 specific details.

How ExactlyExam Dumps Can Help?

The use of exam dumps is a controversial topic in the IT certification world. There is no doubt that there are a lot of fraudulent material available on the internet, and it will harm your exam preparation if you incorporate them. Nevertheless, the popularity of dumps has continued to grow because test-takers have managed to find high-quality items and achieve excellent results with their help. And ExamSnap is one of the resources that offer only reliable vce files.

In general, dumps are great for revision as they will show you the areas you are strong enough as well as the points you still have to pay attention to. Speaking of the other benefits of using these materials, the main one is related just to the mentioned vce format of the files. Thus, candidates can use these collections of questions and answers in the VCE Exam Simulator and get near-real testing experience beforehand. You’ll also have an opportunity to time yourself, receive detailed feedback on every attempt, develop answering strategies, and build intuition by interacting with various question formats.


Networking professionals across the globe are eager to acquire the latest customizable CCNP Enterprise certification. Through passing 350-401 ENCOR and 300-410 ENARSI tests and earning this badge, you can confidently apply for specific job roles that require skills in routing and switching. The exams can be quite challenging, so don’t miss the opportunity to advance your knowledge with exam dumps from Convince your boss to a promotion, get higher pay and other benefits by earning the globally recognized CCNP Enterprise.

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