Are You An Adrenaline Junkie? Here’s What You Need To Know

Updated on March 18, 2022

Adrenaline or epinephrine addiction is becoming more and more common nowadays, as more and more people are interested in experiencing strong emotions. Living a quiet life? It is becoming less and less fashionable.

Adrenaline is a molecule and a hormone that we release in situations of alertness or tension. This substance triggers different processes that allow our body to react to possible danger.

Adrenaline has a specific purpose: to provide energy so that our muscles and body can respond to a possible threat or dangerous situation.

It allows us to act quickly, it prepares the body to perform at its best, so you could say that it activates us so that we can react appropriately in certain situations.

What is adrenaline addiction?

It is nothing more than an exaggerated taste for experiencing those situations in which our body secretes the hormone, or for feeling the effects that the release of this hormone produces. Situations such as driving at high speeds, jumping from great heights, practicing extreme sports, among other things.

These are not always extreme physical activities. Playing in casinos or online casinos and also video games are two known triggers for the release of adrenaline.

Ultimately not everyone wants to launch themselves at 300 km/h on a motorcycle down an extreme slope, nor do they want to parachute with their eyes closed. For those who want adrenaline from the comfort of an armchair or sofa, there are online gambling sites.

The stressful situation of betting money on gambling causes adrenaline, that desired neurotransmitter hormone produced by the adrenal glands, to rush through our bodies and even decrease our ability to feel pain or fatigue.

But everything has risks. If you spend all your time looking for information about the best gambling sites and, at work or at home you can’t stop thinking about strategies to play and win money, you may be in trouble.

Several people who have tried this sensation say that the experience is comparable, for example, to taking drugs.

Being addicted to adrenaline is like being addicted to drugs or alcohol. The more you do it, the more you like it, as Wendell Scott, a racing driver, has said.

You should know: those addicted to this substance endanger their lives. Adrenaline becomes a dangerous business when a person needs to experience that feeling constantly to feel alive.

Symptoms of adrenaline addiction

There are psychological factors that can stimulate the person to perform actions that, in his normal state, he would not be able to do: running at high speeds, lifting very heavy objects, facing situations that are considered forbidden, among other things.

Adrenaline causes the pupils to dilate, the heart and breathing to accelerate, we feel euphoric, the pressure rises, more blood enters the muscles and we even experience chemical reactions comparable to those we manifest at the moment of having an orgasm.

This being so, it is not strange that people feel pleasure when experiencing these sensations, since, as I said before, it is similar to what is felt when consuming drugs.

However, as in the case of all addictions, excess can become so negative that it can endanger our lives. 

Risks of adrenaline addiction

Most, if not all, situations in which our body secretes this hormone are characterized by being atypical, i.e. out of the ordinary, as well as extreme.

Doing illicit things, such as undressing in public or entering a forbidden area, putting ourselves at risk, such as practicing extreme sports or facing a fight that we know we will probably not win, are some of the many things we face to feel adrenaline.

Also gambling a large amount of money, perhaps all the money we have, is a situation that usually generates copious amounts of adrenaline.

However, just because you come out unscathed once or twice, doesn’t mean you will do it every time. For example, Steve Irwin, known as “the crocodile hunter,” died when a venomous stingray stabbed him in the chest.

So, for your sake, we recommend that if you start to feel a taste for putting yourself in danger, you should consider whether you are developing an adrenaline addiction. Seeing an addiction center can help you prevent disaster.

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