Are we well informed about sexual health?

Updated on April 7, 2022

It is a reality that sexually transmitted diseases, better known as STDs, affect a large part of the population, especially in less developed countries where economic resources and education make it difficult to eradicate them.

But first world countries are by no means exempt from STDs, and there is no exception. With the resources, both economic and educational, of a first world country the question is, how is it possible that these types of diseases are still so present in today’s society?

Information for young people

It is common for young people to start having sex earlier, which is not a bad thing, sometimes you can even find young escorts in Brisbane or anywhere in the world. This is why early sex education is key to ensuring that boys and girls have their first safe sexual experiences, and thus avoid possible sexual diseases at an early age. 

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There is a wide range of STDs, each with different symptoms and severity, but all of them can be avoided if people are aware of their existence, and they should have as much information as possible. 

World Sexual Health Day

One way to help raise global awareness of these diseases is World Sexual Health Day, which will be celebrated on 4 September.

This initiative to celebrate World Sexual Health Day aims to encourage and help ensure that all the necessary information reaches every corner of the world, as well as promoting good habits and helping to prevent the spread of STDs through misinformation. 

Sexual problems beyond STDs

It is far from clear that sexual problems are just STDs. There are many others that have nothing to do with a contagious disease.

Some examples of sexual problems are:

  • Absence of libido: One of the most common sexual problems today is a lack of sexual desire. Due to the dizzying pace of life that many people lead today, diseases such as anxiety or depression have increased exponentially, negatively affecting the sexual desire of these people. This can be a big problem especially to those who work as independent escorts in India, as it would be a major impediment to being able to carry out their job normally… 
  • Erectile Dysfunction: This is another major problem in today’s society. In this case it affects men, and that is the inability to keep the penis erect. At least enough to have sex in a satisfactory way.
  • Vaginismus: Obviously, in this case the problem affects women. Vaginismus makes vaginal penetration impossible. This is due to a contraction of the muscles around the vagina. This problem can be caused by psychological problems, as it is an involuntary reflex act that many women have because their body relates to penetration by identifying it as a violent or dangerous situation. 
  • Premature ejaculation: It is one of the most common male problems. There is little to explain in this case, as the name itself explains the problem. The man ejaculates prematurely and involuntarily without being able to enjoy a lasting sexual relationship.
  • Anorgasmia: On the opposite side of premature ejaculation is anorgasmia, suffered more by women than by men, although not exclusively. Anorgasmia is the absence of orgasm during sexual relations.

Having good sexual health

Surely everyone wants to have good sexual health, and for that the first thing we must do is to inform ourselves and take the appropriate measures. 

Depending on each person’s sexual habits, it will be more or less likely that they will have a sexual health problem. For example, sexually active people like Birmingham escorts or those in casual relationships may be more exposed because they have more sexual partners than a person in a more stable relationship, but this does not mean that a person in a relationship is free from any sexual disease.

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Some of the tips for maintaining good sexual health are

  • Take precautions in sexual relations. There are now many a number of methods to prevent the spread of STDs.
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  • Personal hygiene. The genital area should be washed daily, as it is one of the areas of the body most prone to catching infections, fungi, etc.
  • Exercise and a good diet will help you have good sexual health. A sedentary life with unhealthy habits, such as alcohol or tobacco, can lead to problems in sexual relationships.

But without a doubt the best advice of all is to go to a specialist whenever you have a sexual problem, be it physical or derived from a psychological problem.

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