Are Mastectomy Bras Worth It?

Updated on November 9, 2023

Women who have or will have mastectomies often think about how things will change after the surgery is done. One of the many issues they consider is how to regard their own bodies. While some women choose to go “flat” and completely abandon the aesthetic notion of breasts, others feel differently.

For those women, they may choose to wear breast prostheses to simulate the appearance of natural breasts. Some will be satisfied with a permanent prosthesis and others may be preparing for reconstructive surgery while wearing breast prostheses. However, whether a woman goes flat or chooses new breasts, comfort is important. Whatever path they choose to take, each of these women might want to invest in some mastectomy bras.

Are Mastectomy Bras Just For Breast Prostheses?

No, they are not. For those who don’t wear bras, the concept of wearing mastectomy bras without a breast prosthesis might seem strange. However, there are women who wear these undergarments post-surgery because the bras provide a great deal of comfort. So, there are many women who “go flat” and choose to wear these bras.

Does Someone Have to Use a Mastectomy Bra After Surgery?

It is not imperative to wear a mastectomy bra after surgery, but it is definitely more comfortable and actually promotes healing. In a way, one could consider a mastectomy bra to be an essential part of the recovery process after surgery.

Women recovering from a mastectomy can wear a regular bra and some choose to do that. However, the function of a regular bra may only address supporting natural breasts. Mastectomy bras provide support but of a different nature.

Mastectomy bras are crafted with soft materials that will not further irritate skin that is already sensitive due to surgery. There are also built-in compartments, or pockets, that help catch drainage from fluid buildups that are common after surgery. Regular bras cannot do this. Mastectomy bras typically come without underwire, the metal support that can be extremely irritating for all skin types, particularly for those that have undergone a mastectomy.

So, are mastectomy bras worth buying? Based on the countless number of women who have had mastectomies and choose to wear these bras, it is more than worth it. Surgery is hard on the body and the mind, particularly for women who have had their breasts removed. A bra that helps to heal and provides comfo

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