Are Dental Implants A Waste Of Money?

Updated on July 27, 2020
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Betteridge’s Law of Headlines states that any headline that ends with a question mark can be answered by the word “no.” I take quiet pride in knowing that those who read my content will be able to infer an answer based on that definition alone. 

But, I also understand that a simple “no” is not the answer that you came here for. While dental implants are expensive, they yield a wealth of health benefits that are not only worth the costs, but they even pay for themselves many times over in terms of the quality-of-life improvements that you gain from them.

But before we can even begin a discussion on these benefits, we first need to define:

What Are Dental Implants?

Simply put, dental implants are replacement tooth roots that don’t just provide a strong foundation for permanent teeth, but also look much more aesthetically-pleasing than the roots they are meant to replace. 

So, what’s so special about them?


Dental implants are made to be very durable. In fact, with proper care and maintenance, dental implants may even outlast their wearer. This is one of the key reasons that make them such a good investment. It also follows that as long as these dental implants last, so do the benefits that they bring.

Improved Speech

In contrast to dentures, dental implants are anchored into the mouth, which means that they do not shift and move as dentures do. When dentures move around in the mouth, they can hinder the articulation of speech sounds, which can, in turn, hinder a person’s ability to speak clearly.

Improved Mastication

Another benefit from being anchored to your mouth solidly is that dental implants do not move and shift during eating. Those who have dental implants can chew their food properly as if they still had their original teeth. While this may not sound like much of a benefit, it can be very disheartening to be unable to fully enjoy a good meal. 

Comfort And Ease-Of-Use

Because dental implants are anchored to your jaw there’s no need to remove and reattach them. This also completely eliminates the possibility of losing them the way that you might lose a set of dentures.

Improved Facial Structure

Dental implants also provide a facial structure similar to that of real teeth. This creates a more symmetrical face. This allows for a more presentable appearance, and this is important for people who have to face other people on a regular basis as part of their job. (Remember that dental implant use is not limited only to the elderly.)

The Bottom Line

Dental implants usually cost anywhere between 3,000 to 4,500 dollars per tooth. While they are indeed worth the cost, their value to a person may vary depending on several factors such as occupation, age, health risks, etc. It’s always best to go for a consultation before committing to such a pricey investment. Again, while they are indeed worth the cost, whether they are a good purchase for a particular individual depends on many factors. And like all high-cost investments, it’s important to maximize the value you get from such an investment. This can only be done by making an informed decision if you do decide to get them.

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