Are Coronavirus and Marijuana Correlated?

Updated on May 13, 2020

Nowadays, we have to face one of the most unpredictable situations due to the spread of Coronavirus. Most people infected with the virus may experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and what is consoling, recover without the need for special treatment. Unfortunately, the scenario looks a little bit different when it comes to older adults or those with underlying medical problems, like respiratory disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or cancer. They are more likely to develop a severe illness, which may be even life-threatening. There are more than three and a half million infected people. The virus spreads mainly through droplets of saliva or cough. 

As many people, as many concerns connected with Coronavirus. There are a lot of professions that are at a higher risk of getting infected, like doctors, nurses, or drivers. Covid-19 is an entirely new disease, so its longitudinal impact on the human body is unknown. There are more and more researches studying if there is a group of people who have a greater possibility of catching the virus, depending on their underlying diseases, age, sex, or usage of any substances. One of the most interesting researches is connected with the relation between Coronavirus and marijuana. Cannabis is a popular substance all over the world. People use it for various reasons, beginning from the relaxing effects it gives, ending on medical purposes. No matter the time, it is crucial to take this type of substance from a trusted source. If you want to get to know medical and recreational marijuana dispensary, visit Las Vegas ReLeaf. Thanks to this website, you can get familiar with product reviews and choose what suits you the best.


Some people claim that marijuana boosts their immune system against all types of viruses and recommend to do the same. What is worth noting, every substance works differently depending on one’s health conditions, sex, weight, etc. All the information connected with Coronavirus and marijuana should be taken a closer look at. You have access to non-specialists’ comments, so be aware of that. The question is –  can smoking marijuana can increase the risk of getting infected by the virus?

The United States faces one of the most significant numbers of infected people in the whole world. One of the possible hypothesis connects the usage of marijuana to this situation. How? As we all know, marijuana is legal in more than twenty states in the USA. There are thousands of people who use marijuana. Its substances may suppress the natural defense system. It also influences the circulatory and respiratory systems. Lungs may work less effectively compared to people who do not smoke marijuana, and that leads to a greater chance of having stronger symptoms of any illnesses, especially COVID-19. It is almost impossible to get a clear picture of how smoking cannabis is associated with Coronavirus. Food and Drug Administration listed that smokers or vapers with underlying health conditions may be in a group of people with a higher risk for COVID-19 complications. It is safer to say then, that taking marijuana will not affect the chance of getting the virus, but its outcomes of getting infected.

Another issue connected with smoking or vaping marijuana is about the cough. As its chemical substances usually irritate the mucous membrane, so the immune system’s reaction is to get rid of the toxic substance. A lot of smokers face the problem of constant cough. Does the epidemic change a lot for them? Not really. It puts other people at a higher risk of getting infected. Imagine that you are infected, but you go through the disease without any noticeable symptoms. Every time you cough – not because of Coronavirus – you spread its particles to the air. If you continuously smoke weed, you may not notice any particular changes. As was said before, coughing and shortened breath might be felt daily. These are also the symptoms of Coronavirus, so it makes diagnosis harder to make.

How to take care of yourself?

Usage of any chemical substances should always be consulted with a specialist, especially during the spread of the virus. There is no possibility of taking any medications to lower the chance of getting infected by Coronavirus. What can we do then? First of all, take care of how you wash our hands and try not to put them close to the face. Try to maintain the accurate distance between you and another person. Follow the government guidelines on how to behave during social encounters. 

You should always keep in mind that taking marijuana should be considered before. You do not know its impact on your bodily functions and behavior. During the time of Coronavirus, you should be especially careful and observant, as you may put others or yourself at risk.

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