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Gravie Names Andrew Reeves Senior Vice President and General Manager of Gravie ICHRA

Gravie, one of the nation’s fastest growing health benefits innovators, announced today the hiring of Andrew Reeves as the company’s first-ever senior vice president and general manager of Gravie ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement). Reeves’ appointment comes at a time when the HRA Council reports that ICHRA adoption has tripled since 2020.image001.jpg

In his new role, Reeves will leverage Gravie’s longtime leadership in the ICHRA space to expand into key markets across the country. Reeves also will oversee efforts to improve the ICHRA experience for employers and employees alike, including implementing a new payment system that will simplify contribution strategies and evolving the company’s customer advisory and plan support service known as Gravie Care®.

“ICHRA’s popularity is skyrocketing among small and midsize businesses, and for good reason – they are an ideal choice for employers who want to set a defined contribution for their employees’ health benefits but not have to manage a health plan,” said Reeves. “And employees love Gravie ICHRA too because they get to choose the plan best suited for their unique needs, rather than enroll in a one-size-fits-all traditional group plan. I’m humbled to lead the charge in delivering an end-to-end ICHRA experience that meets the needs of both employer and employee.”

Prior to joining Gravie, Reeves was the chief revenue officer for digital wellness company Virgin Pulse, where he led their global commercial team. He previously held several industry senior leadership positions, including chief commercial officer for BioIQ, a population health and testing platform company, and as a senior sales leader in Cigna Health Group’s Medicare Advantage business.

“From day one, our goal at Gravie has been to build a health plan everyone can love, and Andrew is going to help us make sure that also applies to our employer clients for whom ICHRA makes more sense than a traditional group health plan,” said Gravie’s chief revenue officer and president of commercial markets Kevin Kickhaefer.

In addition to Gravie ICHRA, Gravie also sells its flagship group product called Comfort® to employer groups of various sizes. To learn more about Gravie visit

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Gravie has been and continues to be at the forefront of driving change and improving the healthcare industry by creating innovative employer-sponsored health benefit solutions that put consumers first. Comfort®, Gravie’s flagship product, is the nation’s first-of-its-kind health plan that provides first-dollar, 100% coverage on most common healthcare services, at a cost comparable to traditional group health plans. Learn more about Gravie at

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