Andrew Keene principles of the options trading: Keene on the market

Updated on January 15, 2022

Andrew Keene is a famous and leading expert in the stock trading industry. He is an equity options trader determined to seize every opportunity in the market. Keene is best known for his unusual option activities and sees new opportunities where others don’t.  Keene helps investors capitalize on potential chances. He has a history of implementing a project such as a project 303, which allows investors to invest and earn within short periods. From Andrew Keene reviews all his master plans are profitable and have earned him millions of dollars. 

Option trading

Options have a significant influence on trading and provide the best chances for additional income. However, many traders or investors don’t utilize the opportunities since they believe options are risky. Andrew Keene shares knowledge with investors on how to venture into the option field and make pretty. He has several principles of the options market, which will lead to successful trading.

·         Andrew explains the basics of options trading.

·          He dismisses the myth about call purchases being synonymous, and that put purchases are bearish. 

·         He introduces two proprietary trading plans for investors to follow.

·         Keene enlightens how to use the trading floor’s market maker techniques, which helps with prospects in options trading.

Andrew Keene’s book Keene on the markets

Keene’s plan to incorporate and educate all investors in seizing trading opportunities is contained in the Keene on the market book. Here we review his journey and how he started.

How Andrew Keene started with trading

The trading interest dates back to his senior University years (University of Illinois Champaign Urbana). He went through different career positions but found interest in the trading interviews.  He had the chance to interact with big trading firms who visited the institution. Botta offered him an opportunity, thus kick-starting his career life in trading.

Options trading for Keene

Andrew Keene views Options as one of the complex products in the trading sector. Many investors feel they are a risky business to venture into. They opt for other business strategies which are simple but common. The complexity of option trading offers freedom and better profits.  Keene loves options, for you can manage yourself.  They are flexible though sometimes risky, and can provide losses but worth investing in.

What is Keene on the Market (KOTM?)

Keene on the market is a popular online service that is designed to educate investors and traders. He provides strategies on how to handle option trading risks and introduce more trading ideas.  The investor’s main aim is to help the investors avoid losses. Learn on which grounds to invest in and when to take opportunities.  The KOTM has a live trading room and premium Twitter services. Keene plans to train, educate, and mentor both new and experienced investors.

Andrew’s LIVE trading room helps in facilitating the new initiation “new wave.” To help individual traders trade with their accounts.

The trading room

Andrew Keene uses the trading room by providing 7 hours of market commentary every day.  The room has a team of 75traders ranging from hobbyists to hedge fund managers.  The trading room provides open sessions where traders communicate directly to Keene and also with one another. For the premium twitter, Andrew tweets all that he teaches in the trading room. He also provides firsthand information about his incomes. The investor uses total entries, exist, and unusual options for investors. These provide concrete proof of benefits and working strategies of options trades.

For traders who want to thrive in the equity option trades. The Keene on the market book is the right choice to buy. It has full details on the profits, failures, and how to handle every market. It a great way to grow your money. 

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