Andrei Efremov Is Heading to the US With His Proven MindChat Approach

Updated on October 11, 2021

In modern-day society, self-help has become somewhat of a buzzword. Still, Dr. Andrei Efremov takes the matter seriously, recognizing that physical, emotional, and mental well-being is integral to a healthy and enjoyable life.

As one of the premier hypnotherapists in Russia, Dr. Efremov pioneered MindChat, a revolutionary and holistic approach to hypnotherapy with lasting healing effects. After graduating in 2011 as a medical doctor, Dr. Efremov was certified as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in the following years. His background in these various disciplines enabled him to create his integrative method.

Dr. Efremov focuses his energy on helping people holding on to trauma, grief, regret, and other detrimental feelings achieve healing. Over the years, Dr. Efremov has held intensive in-person training for hundreds of doctors and has been visited by at least 2000 people–medical experts and non-medical professionals alike. He plans to teach his approach across the world, starting with the United States. 

As hypnotherapy has become increasingly popular, Dr. Efremov sought to dissect its typical premises and processes. He found that the standard process that could be boiled down to only a few basic steps: hypnotizing, regression, abreaction (release of repressed emotions), and fixing is outdated which clearly follows from his science article. It is a lengthy and often draining ordeal. Not to mention, it can trigger overly painful and extreme emotions, including screaming and weeping.

Dr. Efremov finds a lot of aspects of traditional hypnosis to be gratuitous, outdated, and even harmful. For instance, it is thought that the efficacy of hypnosis is linked to the depth gone into the person’s mind. In other words, the deeper into their psyche–to the point of hallucinations and amnesia– the more beneficial the hypnotic effects. However, Dr. Efremov believes that formal hypnosis  is unnecessary for success and can induce negative effects

Dr. Efremov’s experience made it clear that we as a society are all in a state of hypnosis already. As a result, we naturally understand the world and ourselves only in dualities such as ‘true’ and ‘false’ or ‘me’ and ‘not me.’ causing this ‘trance state’ as he calls it, exposing it to people so that they can challenge and reshape their lives. Efremov’s MindChat approach is truly a breakthrough in the field of hypnotherapy and can be practiced by anyone.

Not only has MindChat received significant acclaim, but it is also simple to master. Dr. Efremov made it so that an individual does not need to invest months or even years into comprehending it but instead can learn the MindChat approach quickly and easily. Similarly, patients will see actual progress in a matter of minutes without the need to disclose their entire life stories.

Dr. Efremov has worked tirelessly to offer a form of hypnotherapy that is as effective as uncomplicated. His discoveries empower people to manage and even resolve their anxieties and trauma. MindChat will continue to change the way people view and experience hypnotherapy.

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