An Unexpected Way to Save Money During Online Games Shopping

Updated on February 24, 2023

Too often, PC and video games’ fans postpone online games shopping for holiday deals and discounts. However, not every PC game or PlayStation (both PS4 and PS5), Nintendo, or XBOX game can be found at discounted prices. The offers of developers and game online stores are usually limited, and searching for promotional offers in the online shop for profitable online games shopping turns into a challenging quest.

We decided to reveal to you a secret that allows you to save as much as possible and make all online games shopping profitable. At least, you can use this secret way of saving money on online games shopping on the official website — Do not tell everyone about this option of profitable purchases in the game online store: share it only with your best friends.

The best advice on how to spend less in the game online store


Gift cards online store — this is the main secret of lower costs for PC games, video games for consoles XBOX, PS4, PS5, and others. Even if the desired computer game has not yet been released, this option will suit you. The secret is to purchase gift cards at discounted prices. They can be used at any time, so you can actually spend less and buy games online at a discount, even if the developers don’t give a discount on their product.

Gift cards are very often sold for less than their face value. It frequently happens on the occasion of holidays. Do not miss this opportunity, and in the future, your expenses in the game online store would be much lower than they could be.

When does the gift cards online store offer the biggest discounts in 2023?

In the game online store, gift cards for XBOX, Nintendo, and computer games from Steam are constantly in stock. However, to first stock up on profitable gift cards and then buy games online, you can buy these cards with discounts of up to 30% and even more. Open the season of online games shopping with a big discount when card prices drop the most. For example, the Punktid game shop traditionally holds sales for the following reasons:

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday;
  • Before Christmas and for a few weeks after;
  • Before Easter;
  • During seasonal sales.

You can buy cards of any denomination in the PC game store, both in physical form and in the form of a digital code, which the game online store will send to you by email.

Other advantages of shopping in gift cards online store

With the help of the card, you can choose any product in the official game online store. Besides being a very easy way to pay, it also gives parents the ability to control their child’s online games shopping. In this way, purchases are limited exclusively to the amount allowed or allocated for this purpose.


Are there any restrictions on gift cards online store purchases in Europe?

You can buy gift cards for PS4/PS5 in the game online store in all European countries without restrictions. You can place an order from Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, or Lithuania at any time.

What is the expiry date of PlayStation, Nintendo, and Steam cards?

PlayStation, Steam cards, and other options of gift codes that the game online store offers you do not have an expiration date. They are always relevant as soon as you want to go into exciting online games shopping and buy one or more video games in the game online store.

What can you buy with XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo, or Steam cards?

PS4/PS5 gift cards, etc. allow you to buy a computer game, accessories, equipment, or character upgrades.

Is it possible to share purchases in the gift cards online store with friends?

Share incredible online games shopping with your friends. You can use the card yourself or send it to anyone. They get all the same online games shopping features mentioned above.

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